Saturday, May 16, 2020

Financial Harvest to advance His Kingdom

The Covid-19 pandemic has bankrupted and shut down many businesses, including airlines. But God will raise up many new wine entrepreneurs for the financial harvest. All glory to God!

When I was in Taiwan last year, a very well known billionaire who is the chairman of a large listed company came to visit me at about 2 am. He was in deep trouble. I got up from my bed to minister to him and gave him a word. Instantly, the fire of the Holy Spirit surged through him, and threw him to the floor. The fire also radiated to the surrounding 4-5 pastors who were with us. Praise God!

I felt in my spirit to share Prophet Naresh’s prophecy vide the link which God may use it to speak to some of you, reading this article.

Prophet Naresh prophesied to both of us, who are the ministries’ co-founders..

Rev (Prophet) Alvin Cheah’s prophecy given to me in 2017 about raising business leaders was a confirmation of Naresh’s prophecies to me in 2012.

As per Prophet Naresh’s prophecies, God has ordained me to raise up businessmen and women who will bring in a huge financial harvest for His end-time purpose. I believe this prophecy will come to pass as I have also been given similar dreams.

Ps Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

May 16, 2020


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I pray that this sharing will strengthen your faith and stir you to spread the Fire of God. If you have been blessed by the sharing of our blog articles and testimonies and desire to partner with us to spread this Fire, please consider sowing into this ministry. You may do so through the link below. We thank you for your support and prayers. God bless you!”

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