Thursday, November 28, 2019

A Willing & Obedient Vessel (Isaiah 1:19) 【一个愿意和顺服的器皿 (以赛亚书一章19节)】

All of us fall short of His glory and as human beings, every single one of us makes mistakes BUT God knows the motive of every heart and He knows whose heart is willing to obey Him ...Isaiah 1:19, “If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the best from the land;”

When I was first called to ministry, I had a very tight cash flow but I used whatever resources and finance that I had to set up CKRM ministry, including the dedication of the building we are currently using for His use. I was a willing vessel then and I still am now. Nothing has changed. 

My frequent prayer to God is; “Lord, due to my sinful human nature, I make mistakes all the time, sometimes without even knowing BUT YOU see a willing and obedient heart, a heart so willing to do YOUR will. So if I stray out of Your will or make mistakes, please intervene and bring me back to YOUR will. Always reveal my sin so that I have a chance to repent before YOU take me home.”

Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with a weak heart that was working only 20% and despite the doctor’s advice and also my son’s insistence that I go for a bypass operation, I refused, fully trusting in God’s miraculous healing. I do not fear death for I know that God will only take me home if I had completed the mission that He had called me to do. 

I was recently hospitalised and my doctor here in Singapore was amazed that I had defied the odds of sudden cardiac death for 7 years. Even a Kuala Lumpur heart specialist commented that I was a living miracle after reading my medical report. All Glory to God for I know He is the One who has sustained my life. 

CKRM/AOF Global is God’s ministry, to raise up firestarters who are overcomers (Gen 33:28), having been put through tough trials and tests to be part of the end time fire team to reach out to all nations to ignite His unstoppable flame. I am thankful that He has caused this fire to spread and we now have several ‘stations’ around the world. 

May this sharing bless you!

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

Nov 28, 2019

我们每个人都亏欠了祂的荣耀,我们都会犯错,但上帝知道每一个人的动机,祂知道谁愿意顺服祂.... 以赛亚书一章19 “你们若甘心听从, 必吃地上的美物,

当我被呼召时,我的现金非常有限,但是我用尽我所有的资源和资金成立了基督国度崇高掌权事工,包括我们目前正在使用的会场。 那时我是一个愿意为祂服侍器皿,现在仍然没有改变。

我经常向上帝祈祷;  上帝,由于我有罪的人性,我总是犯错,有时甚至不知道。但是祢会看到一颗甘愿而顺服的心,一颗愿意去做祢的旨意的心。 因此,如果我偏离了您的旨意或犯了错误,请把我回到您的旨意中。 永远揭露我的罪过,这样我才有机会在祢带我回天家之前悔改。

七年前,我被诊断出心脏虚弱,功能只有百分之二十,尽管有医生的建议,而且儿子坚持要我进行绕道手术,但我还是拒绝了,完全相信上帝的奇迹般的康复。 我不惧怕死亡,因为我知道只有我完成了神召我去做的任务,神才会带我回天家。

我最近住院了,而我在新加坡的医生非常惊讶我竟然7年里都还没有心脏猝死。 即使是吉隆坡的心脏病专家也评论说,在阅读我的医疗报告后,我是一个活生生的奇迹。 所有荣耀归给上帝,因为我知道祂是维持我生命的那一位。