Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The Mission of Revival Fire Movement (RFM) Malaysia

Revival Fire Movement (RFM) was founded by 3 Christian key leaders, Dato’ Chua Jui Meng, Rev. Raymond Mooi, and Rev. Augustine Saang, when God spoke to them about the need to unite the churches in Malaysia as a body of Christ so as not to be divided.

Dato Chua Jui Meng was the former Member of the Parliament (MP) of Malaysia for the Bakri constituency in the State of Johor for 5 terms from 1986 to 2008. A lawyer called to the British Bar as a Barrister-at-law, he was the country’s longest serving Minister of Health, holding that position from 1995 to 2004.


He is the Chairman of Revival Fire Movement (RFM) which aim to help bring together churches in Malaysia and elsewhere to usher in the Spiritual  Revival through the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

RFM Montage vide the link:-

Rev Dr Paul K P Ang

Arsenal of Fire Global in partnership with:-

Revival Fire Movement (RFM)

Revival Fire Network (RFN)


Vision of Revival Fire Network


Similarly, Revival Fire Network (RFN) Singapore was set up on May 21, 2021 with the Global Revival Fire Prayer Partnership comprises Churches in many nations.

Our vision and call from the Lord is to build a global revival prayer movement which will usher in the greatest move of the Holy Spirit Fire for spiritual awakening and the revival transformation of nations and world harvest. This Prayer Watch will have participation from revival churches from all nations. We are preparing for the unity and convergence of the body of Christ worldwide as in our Lord Jesus's  prayer for unity and oneness in the Garden of Gethsamane in John 17:21-25.  


We started with the Partnership of RFM Malaysia, RFN Singapore, Heal the Land South Africa, First Tarlac Baptist Philippines, the Russian Church of Evangelical Faith, Living Stream Bangkok, United Gospel Outreach Vietnam, Myanmar Full Gospel, Siberian Revival Church Partnership and Kasr El Dobara Evangelical Church Egypt.    


Other churches invited and joining  are from India, Pakistan, Central Asia, Nepal,  USA, Sweden, UK, Armenia, Australia, Indonesia,  Korea, Chinese Revival Church Movement, Cambodia and other nations. 

To God be the power, honour and glory!

 Elder Wee Tiong Howe

                               Revival Fire Network (RFN)


The founding members and honorary advisors of Revival Fire Global..


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