Friday, July 2, 2021

TESTIMONY to glorify God by Ps Alex Seet



Thank you for your word and prayers over zoom in AOF Asia Conference on 23 April this year when out of 100+ people in the zoom, you being lead by the Spirit, suddenly called Pastor Jennie and I out and said ..

“Ps Alex & Ps Jennie, stand up! *God is preparing you for a new work in your life!* I pray for the fire πŸ”₯ of God will be upon you! Receive! Receive! Receive!” (_I keep records of the move of God in me like Moses cravings on his staff_)

Something deep inside spark and faith beget faith began to arise and door after door has opened. 


What you did not know was since 2018, I have been seeking God for a new work in our market place education platform ie from pre-school and praying for open door for international school. We have made a very strong impact in the little children since we started our pre-school 1999 & grew into 7 branches and a unique 10:1 concept of primary school tuition . Many of the children since 199 then who have come to Lord and their parents through our market place ministry today, some these parents have become church deacons, church leaders and the children today too have grown into ministry leaders in worship team, youth and some of them are even in our church and many others in other churches. Thus fulfil Proverbs 22:6 - Train up a child in the way he should go so that  when he is grows up, he will not depart from it. Glory to God! 


If their 3 formative years of preschool can build them in God, imagine if it expands to Grade 1-11! By God’s grace they will be nurtured into SPIRITUAL GIANTS for God in the coming generations! PTL! 


Coming back, that night Immediately after that prayers for us, lo and behold…I felt God’s spirit inside me affirmed and my spirit was quicken and awaken! I felt my once “crazy faith” has been reinstated by God! 


Then following the next couple of weeks miracles of miracles happened. God has opened new doors for me in miraculous ways… through prophesy, word of God, through unlikely people and even a luck cookie πŸͺ in Vancouver recently  - and all these led to our current proposed international school in Subang. We saw the favor of God and men upon us all the way! We were surprised we even given Pfizer vaccine here in Vancouver which we did not expect at all in the first plane nor plan for πŸ€·πŸΌ‍♂️.  Praise the Lord! 


Truly God speaks and we will listen. AMEN! 


We are now in the final stages of our finance support, signing of premise lease agreement then application to the Ministry of Education for the international school and planned to open in January 2022. 


Do continue to pray for  us, Reverend 


I am working from Vancouver now while taking a break and great time with my pastor daughter, in Vancouver and our grandchildren. It’s not easy to work a far 15,000km away yet I see God’s grace in every step. 


Pls continue to pray for God’s wisdom, His favor and favor of men as we embark on this project! 


Pray for strength, perseverance and  tenacity, resilience for us and this project will impact hundreds and thousands of young soldiers for God and we need to be protected from any attack to derail, delay or destroy any of our good plans for the ministry.

Ps Alex Seet

Kuala Lumpur

July 2, 2021


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