Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Spiritual Fire for the End Times - Dr Jackie Mare


By His grace, the Lord has aligned several ministers of high international standing with AOF Global to receive the Holy Spirit’s fire impartation for His end time purpose and glory. 

One of them is an apostolic revivalist, Dr Jackie Mare, President of Heal the Land Ministries International NPO, Certified in Demonology, Biblical Greek, Counselling & Bible Schools, First Woman Board Member, Kingsway AFM Ministries. Praise God!

Dr Jackie Mare wrote in her testimony, saying, “In Africa, we are quite sceptical about certain things. We don’t take up everything that seems spiritual. When I heard about AOF ministry on Zoom, I could really experience that there was something different about this fire. I was excited to go to Singapore to find out more.”

She came to AOF Global Singapore and received a very strong fire impartation of the Lord. She shared that she experienced intense burning in her feet, hands and mouth. She has also the revelation that this Spiritual Fire would be needed for the end times.

She shared her testimony and revelation that can be accessed via the link:-


She has also endorsed my new book, “Transforming Fire” which will be released in October this year.

To God be the honour, power and glory!

AOF Global Limited


July 25, 2023

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Testimony & Endorsement by Dr Jackie Mare



In Africa, we are quite sceptical about certain things. We don’t take up everything that seems spiritual. When I heard about AOF ministry on Zoom, I could really experience that there was something different about this fire. I was excited to go to Singapore to find out more.


I met Dr Paul KP Ang for the first time at his office. As I was sitting on the chair, Dr Paul KP Ang said that he wanted to impart the fire of the Lord. Suddenly, yes suddenly, for God knows our hunger, I was burning under my feet, on my hands and on my mouth! The first thing I did was run out to get some water on my hands. It was burning so much I could not handle it. I went to wash my hands and realised this is not a physical burning, it was in the spirit of the Lord.


I find that there are 2 things we need if we want to save the church from being a wreck. The first is that we need to evangelise with love. The second being that we need the fire of the Lord to change the demonic atmosphere. It will only be by the fire of the Lord that we will be able to run into the witchcraft. It is only by the fire of the Lord, with the Holy Spirit walking next to us, that we will be able to change the situation of the lost! Because the lost are so captured by the demonic atmosphere and idols that they need the fire of the Lord to change their lives and to touch their hearts.


This is not something you can understand with your mind. Believe me, I’m a Professor and I’m one of the sceptical people. We cannot understand the spirit world by walking in the flesh or by doing what we normally do in the flesh. The fire of the Lord is not something you can try to figure out.


Who wants to run and roar and roll? Who wants to humiliate oneself except if the Holy Spirit fire comes upon you like in the book of Acts? There’s something we need to understand when the Holy Spirit came upon the people on the day of Pentecost; they became drunk in the spirit. In the flesh, the people thought the disciples were physically drunk. However, in the spirit, they were touched by the Holy Spirit and the fire of the Lord.


I believe a lot in prayer, and I believe the one thing about the end times, for us to bring in the lost, is to teach the fire of the Lord. It is going to be necessary for evangelism to walk by the Holy Spirit AND His fire.


Dr Jackie Maré

President, Heal the Land Ministries International NPO

Certified in Demonology, Biblical Greek, Counselling & Bible Schools

First Woman Board Member, Kingsway AFM Ministries


Here is Apostle Dr Jackie Mare’s recorded video testimony:-



ENDORSEMENT for the book ‘Transforming Fire’

In Africa, we are quite sceptical about certain things. We don’t believe in everything that seems spiritual; however, I have personally experienced the touch of the Lord through my engagement with this ministry in prayer. I can testify that the fire of the Holy Spirit is so necessary for the end times. I am looking forward to the fact that Dr Paul KP Ang has written this book to teach people about the fire of the Lord. In these end times, we need the fire of God to change the demonic atmosphere and we also need to evangelise with love so that the lost can come home to Jesus.

Spiritual things need to be spiritually discerned; it is not something we can understand with our minds, but with our spirit. May we revive the days of Pentecost by learning to walk with the Holy Spirit AND the Lord’s Holy Spirit fire.

Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ Says the Lord of hosts. (Zech 4:6)

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Testimonies at the AOF Fire Starter School in Bangkok

More than 200 students from 16 nations attended the AOF School of Fire Starter in Bangkok, Thailand (July 17-20, 2023). It was our 5th AOF School of Fire Starters held in Thailand within a year.

Ps Eric Masih from India who attended our AOF School of Fire Starters Bangkok testified with great excitement. During the school closing testimony, he shared that he has attended Fire conferences all over the world. However, this is the best Fire conference that he has ever attended. It is the first time that he has experienced the real fire and the sensational burning of the fire of God. Praise God!

Hear his testimony vide the link:-


Ps Chalermpol from a traditional church in Thailand testified that he was against speaking in tongues, and any teaching about the Holy spirit, especially about falling under the power of the Holy Spirit. Yet, the power and fire he experienced during the school zapped through him and he fell repeatedly and was unable to move while on the floor. Nobody even laid hands on him! This is testament to the manifest power of God, which removed all doubt, unbelief and fear he initially had. 

Hear his testimony vide the link:-


God moved mightily in this school and this is awesomely witnessed by all students, with powerful testimonies of life transformation. 

Praise God and all honour, power and glory to Him!

AOF Global Limited


July 22, 2023

Monday, July 3, 2023

Reverend Frank Lin’s Testimony


I first encountered Dr Paul KP Ang at the Revival Fire International Convergence in March 2022 in Penang. When he prayed for me, I experienced the fire of God surging through my body like an electric current 6 times. God also opened my eyes to see an open vision of the Hebrew letter ש or “Shin” in flames. It felt like the burning bush experience Moses had. God certainly caught my attention. This experience lifted my faith, conviction and boldness to a much greater level that was pivotal in my ministry.

My wife Eunice also had a wonderful encounter with the Lord through the fire impartation. She experienced the anointing running like electricity to her palms, causing her palms to feel hot like Habakkuk 3:4. She believed this was gifted to her for spiritual warfare. She also received the lion’s roar anointing. She carries a gifting of discernment, so she knows this is from God and she became even more hungry for more of Him. After the impartation, she is even more diligent in reading the Scriptures.

The impartation and the impact really surprised me and my wife. Most husbands know that our wives are the last ones to complement the effectiveness of our work, but Eunice my wife can testify to the change!

It now takes a much shorter time for deliverance, and we also see healings, especially inner healings and boldness coming to the people we minister to. We witnessed lives being transformed more quickly and effectively in all our ministries, whether it was proclaiming the gospel for the Kingdom of God or healing and deliverance.

We have been doing these ministries since the 90s and since then have been setting free more than 100 counselees in deliverance, inner healing and some physical healing too, quite many of them resulted in receiving salvation and being baptised, so we can definitely tell the difference. For example, it took us in a recent case just less than 45 minutes to set a person free from incubus spirit for 14 years. This is indeed Christ Jesus working through us, Luke 4:18 in action!

Dr Paul KP Ang is one of the LORD's powerful vessels today to demonstrate the Dunamis power of God listed in Acts 1:8 as he has experienced this power himself.  I would encourage any minister of God to receive this impartation of the Holy Spirit. It will greatly enhance your ministries.

I pray that many theologically trained ministers today will move out in faith to witness in power and in Spirit, and exercise the authoritative Name of Jesus Christ according to Acts 10:38. I pray we will see more healing and deliverance as we proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom of God. This will be the hallmark/sign of a believer, not just in theory but in the ministry of signs, miracles, and wonders, according to what Jesus has promised us. I pray we will all be vessels and witness the glory of the ministry of the Spirit in 2 Cor 3:8.

Do not forget that many anointed servants of God in the Bible and revival history such as Moses, Paul, Charles Finney, Johnathan Edwards, Billy Graham, Reinhard Bonke and John Song… they were all baptised by the Spirit and Fire.

How much more do you and I need this Fire?

May you receive it in Jesus’ name!

Hallelujah! Maranatha!


Reverend Frank Lin

Chairman of the Anglican Revival Fire Movement, West Malaysia.

The Synod of The Diocese of West Malaysia (Anglican) 

Dr Jin Kim’s Testimony

I grew up in South Korea and came to the United States to study, work at the computer company for 5 years, and spent 9.5 years in the Southern Seminary to serve Jesus. I hold a PhD in Christian Missions. I am now a pastor and founder of River of Life Church and University which I started in 2017.

I’ve had many encounters and experiences with God and have always been hungry for anointing. Very often I would go to Bethel and Mission Church, especially when Randy Clark was there. In 2016, I met a lady in Mission Church in Vacaville called Mercy who was from Taiwan who invited me to Pastor Paul Ang’s meeting. I didn’t get to talk to him yet.

On the third occasion when I met Pastor Paul Ang, when I was about to leave, he held my hand without saying anything. It was so awkward as we waited for over 10mins, and I felt kind of embarrassed. He finally said, “Oh you have anointing before, and you’ve practiced that somehow.” He prayed for me and reactivated my anointing. I didn’t feel anything, nor have any manifestation when he prayed for me.

One week later, after he prayed for me, he suggested, “Why don’t you go touch the lady?” I went over to touch her and to my surprise, she fell under the power of God. My eyes were also open to see who was spiritually ready to receive. It was then I realized that my anointing had increased tremendously.

Previously I had been to Uganda for revival meetings, but this time, when I led the revival in 2016, I noticed my anointing is a lot stronger than before. I get words of knowledge from God and prophesy was coming out for people as I minister without my intention. I know it is God. There were close to 1000 people packed in a place that could accommodate 300 people. We started the service at 5.30 pm and we ended at 1.30 am. I saw so many healings and deliverances. When I came to the pulpit and prayed for the congregation the people were fallen like waves. It was then I realized when Pastor Paul Ang prayed for me, my anointing was lifted up tremendously.

When I started our University in 2017, I only had 4 Chinese pastors as students here in California. I also started branch campuses in Africa in 2018 with 12 students. Dr. Paul KP Ang prophesied that our University would keep on expanding rapidly. He also prophesied that 44 students from our university would be missionaries to the Africa and these missionaries would take over late Reinhard Bonnke’s ministry.

It was very encouraging, but I didn’t believe it would come so quickly. I was expecting my school in Africa to have at most 100 to 200 students. Thanks to God, our university in Africa grew from 12 students to close to a thousand students with 12 campuses in 2022. God also gave me ideas to financially sustain this school. There are 3 universities that were started by Korean missionaries, but our University is #1 in terms of quality and numbers.

At present time, in 2023, we have 2 more campuses in Uganda and 3 more campuses in South Sudan and we have over 1200 students now.


Praise the Lord!


Dr Jim Kim

Pastor and Founder

California River of Life University and Church

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Transforming Fire - Endorsements

By His grace, when we commenced the fire ministry about 17 years ago, a respected man of God from North America wrote to me and blessed me with his book, ‘The Ministry of Jesus’. I have not met this man before, but he said that he has been praying for me. The book and his words encouraged and inspired me over many years to stay focus on Jesus as the Lord of my life and ministry. It is not a journey without distractions and struggles, but the grace of God sustained me

Today, once again, I am encouraged by a dear friend of mine, Rev. Dr. Elisha/Henry Chieng, Senior Pastor of Open Heaven Tabernacle 611 Bread of Life Church, Miri, Malaysia, who wrote the followings to me:

“Your fire impartation ministry is somewhat similar to Jesus's. The "new wine" ministry of Jesus offended many during His days. They were ignorant of His love, grace and power, like the brother of the prodigal son; religious leaders who were like Pharisees; and church leaders who were authoritative like the Sadducees and the high priests. Yet, through signs and wonders, you have impacted many lives and empowered church leaders to greater heights in their ministries to advance God's kingdom and for His Glory. Cheers.”

Dr Elisha Chieng is a very qualified and experienced Pastor and teacher of the Word. He has many theological degrees and 43 years of experience as a full-time pastor and ministry worker in the mission field. He has also served as a key member of a big denominational organisation for many years.

I believe his message is divinely timed to fan a fresh fire in me to align my spirit with the new season that God has prepared for me. Praise God!

Dr Elisha Chieng together with other men of God such Dato Chua Jui Meng, Apostolic Elder Wee Tiong Howe, Rev Dr David Wong (President of Harvest Seminary, California), and Ps Yang Tuck Yoong, by the grace of God, have endorsed my new book, "Transforming Fire", which will be released soon.

The book endorsements are in the link below:-


To God be the honour, power and glory

Paul K P Ang

AOF Global Limited

July 1, 2023