Thursday, March 29, 2018

Jerusalem ‘Behold the Lamb’ Conference

James Nesbit, one of the guest speakers at the Jerusalem Conference gave me this prophetic art depicting my calling as what the Lord has shown to him.

James teaches on fire of God and the Lion of Judah, for more info about his ministries, please refer to:

We have accomplished our Mission at this historic holy city of Jerusalem, having spoken at two full sessions totaling 5 hours with solid teaching and strong impartation. The move of God was awesome, mighty and audacious at this Jerusalem conference. We now have a clearer vision on how the Lord has prepared AOF Global Ministries to play a crucial part in the end-time ministries of  our Lord Jesus Christ. The fire ministry of AOF Global will cause many to understand and experience the transforming fire and power of God across the globe as prophesied by Nancy Coen (

Imagine, the hosting pastor who upon seeing that we do not have any notes with us, shifted the pulpit stand, was swept by the fire of God as nobody prayed or even touched him. Hence, God was glorified, demonstrating to the highly anointed participants including the conference speakers that He used AOF Global as His vessel to carry His fire and glory and that His fire and glory will do His works.

Our AOF Global begins a new chapter from Jerusalem. Thanks for your upholding us in prayers.

May God be glorified through this sharing!

Ps Paul K P  Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

March 29, 2018

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Our Trip to Jerusalem - Prayer Request





上帝与我们同在,这次会议的重点强调我们至高无上的上帝可以使用任何大小的事工, 根据祂的方式实现改变,我们必须顺服祂的呼召。它将塑造CKRM / AOF 在全球舞台上永远的命运,并且我们祈祷作为祂的仆人,我们会随时准备好,随着祂的召唤而行动。

南希科恩(Nancy Coen)在她最近在新加坡举行的会议上大胆作证说,上帝在全球的下一步行动将是“火焰的洗礼“,而上帝将授权给新加坡的这个事工。

如果你能在这个星期六下午3点来到AOF为我们的以色列团队代祷,这将是对我们的巨大支持和鼓励。那么我们将做好准备,在大会上为基督和新加坡做一个大使,这将是巨大的支持和鼓励。我们渴望你所有的祈祷, 上帝保佑!

Dear Pastors, Associates & Friends in Singapore,

My CKRM Team and I are leaving for Israel this Sun, 25th March. I've been invited to speak at a prestigious and established international Conference where about 600 Pastors and leaders will be attending. I'm humbled by this invitation to be one of the guest speakers of this International Conference, especially when my ministry, CKRM, is a small, relatively unknown ministry in a small nation, Singapore. I've not travelled widely to speak and even in my own country, I'm not known as a sought-after speaker. It is God who divinely opened this opportunity for CKRM and I to share about the unique fire ministry that He has endowed us with and we are truly grateful to our Father God!

God chooses this small ministry from a small nation, symbolizing the smallest tribe. In Judges 6:15, “But Lord,’” Gideon asked, “how can I save Israel? My clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my family.”

Judges 6:12
When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, he said, “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.”

God is with us and this conference will bring to focus that our sovereign God can use any ministry, big or small, to bring about a change according to His ways and we've to be obedient to His call. It will, invariably, shape the destiny of CKRM/AOF in the global scene and we pray that as His servants, we'll be ready, with His strength to move with His calling.

Nancy Coen, boldly testified in her recent  conference in Singapore that the next move of God is the Baptism of Fire, and there is one ministry in Singapore which the Lord will empower to start it.

If you could come to AOF this Sat at 3 pm to pray for our Israel team, it will be a tremendous support and encouragement to us as we prepare ourselves to be good ambassadors for Christ and Singapore at the Conference. We covet all your prayers and God Bless!

Ps Paul K. P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

March 22, 2018

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Testimony by Ps Hannah Han

Best wine is served last (John 2:9). At the closing session of the Solo Prophetic Conference, Ps Hannah Han, one of the guest speakers from San Francisco was given time to bless some leaders of the Conference. The Lord prompted her to testify about our AOF book. After testifying, she waved the book at the audiences. Several participants were swept by the fire of God. Listen to her testimony. 

God has an awesome way to make His manifest presence known when the AOF book was introduced (Joshua 3:7), like the way He opens the most impossible door for me to speak next week in the Holy City of Jerusalem at an international prestigious conference where hundreds of pastors and leaders will be attending. Continue to pray for me that my sharing at this Conference will be truly edifying and it will powerfully ignite God's ministers to rise up to fulfil their respective call to be effective ministers of His flame of fire in these last days.

To Him be glory both now and forevermore! Amen!

Ps Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

March 21, 2018

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Prophetic Utterances from Nancy Coen

Nancy Coen, who is an awesome and highly anointed minister of God from America came to have coffee fellowship with us at our ministry’s premise on March 13, 2018.

She shared a few powerful testimonies and one of which was about a man who attacked her while she was ministering in Papau New Guinea. He threw 3 spears at her but the spears stopped right in front of her and dropped to the ground. She faced all kinds of danger in her 40 years of ministry.

Please refer to the link below to know more about her ministries.

She delivered to me and my ministry partner a 14-minute message from the Lord which was recorded in video:-

She is indeed very gifted in her prophetic utterances. The word that amazed me was that she said that I am not looking for reputation, but the Lord is going to give me one; that I will be known as a ‘fire starter’.

In another audio, she added that the Lord is rejuvenating my health which two other prophets had also spoken in the past. Praise God!

Ps Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

March 14, 2018

Sunday, March 11, 2018

School of Fire Starters - First Meeting

Thursday March 8 was the first meeting on the School of Fire Starters by our CKRM Spore Adviser and God-ordained facilitator Bro Jim Tan.

During his period of rest and ministry reflection, the Lord revealed to him of the quickening of His time and to get ready His people. One of which was to activate the "Fire" the name ‘Fire Starters’ to identify with the purpose of the school.

He shared that in the past, God had raised up ministers and empowered them with specific ministry areas such as ministry healing & deliverance. However, today the Lord will be raising a new breed of warrior brides who will carry His awesome glorious flame for ‘rapid fire & quick ignition’ cutting across all ministries and in an accelerated new wave and move to rapidly set the world on fire with the zeal for Jesus. The ‘Fire Starters’ school is an impartation school to empower and commission the new wave of spiritual warriors to reach out to the world.

Now the Church and the world is ready for this rapid move and many prophets have spoken that we are now in the season of the greatest harvest through fearless, awesome and mighty move of God that ‘eyes have not seen, ears have not heard’.

The School of Fire Starters is a School for all five-fold ministers who desire nothing but God to use them mightily to bring God's will on earth as it is in Heaven. These will include highly powerful and anointed healing and deliverance ministers to be raised up to a higher realm of the Spirit through fire empowerment. God's fire will activate them to be effective ministers and they will set the place on fire wherever they set their feet on. They will carry the anointing and authority to call on the fire of God to empower ministries, transform lives and communities. Praise God!

Ps Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

March 11, 2018

Thursday, March 8, 2018

How our family was led to AOF-CKRM!

I listened as if spellbound when Rev Paul first shared about Kenneth Hagin’s testimony from the pulpit in early Jan 2016. Rev Paul said he was clearing his wardrobe and found a small Kenneth Hagin’s booklet (entitled The Human Spirit) in the pocket of a suit jacket. Rev Paul sensed it had to be an angel who had put it there.

Rev Paul wore the same suit jacket to share Kenneth Hagin’s testimony, and another two of his own personal testimonies - on absolute obedience to God and God’s warning to not obstruct or interfere in His plan & purpose for our life. In the booklet, Kenneth Hagin shared that his wife was complaining to God that her husband was always away for an extended period of time.  One day, she had a flash message from God, “I could take him away where he could never come back”.  Kenneth Hagin’s testimony vide the link below:-

At that time, our family of 3 had been attending Arsenal of Fire Ministries at CKRM Singapore on Saturdays irregularly as not all of us were convinced this was where God was leading us to and we sought a clearer understanding of the ministry and if this was where God wanted to plant us.

In our earlier visit to CKRM, Prophetess Elise did see in a vision that 3 of us from our family entering through the glass door of CKRM, with me holding a toddler which she interpreted as a budding ministry.

Around that time, my husband’s brother from New Zealand came over for a visit and came with us to church. During the meeting, he was powerfully and instantly delivered from occultic powers.

A week or two before Rev Paul shared Kenneth Hagin’s testimony,  my daughter Jun, received a two-hour ‘download’ from God and was convinced that this was where God was leading us to in the next chapter of our walk with Him.

When Rev Paul began to share Kenneth Hagin’s testimony, followed by his personal testimonies as stated earlier, each of us knew that this was indeed God calling us to obedience to be a part of this ministry in order to prepare us to walk into our destiny to be God’s end-time warriors!

Since coming to CKRM, our spiritual growth has been greatly accelerated. We are more sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and we are on fire more of God. Praise God!

Regina Lim

March 8, 2018

Monday, March 5, 2018

Obedience - Doing the will of the Father

Share a testimony ...

In 2005, God prompted me to go to a Chinese Prayer House. This prayer house comprised some elderly women praying in Mandarin, a language I do not speak, and also observing a culture that is quite different to mine as I grew up being educated in English.

Desiring only to please God, I faithfully obeyed Him not understanding the reason He had called me there. Every time they started the prayer meeting, I started my snoring in a quiet corner of the prayer house.

The senior pastor would wake me up from my nap after they had finished praying, asking me to pray for the intercessors and impart fire. God was using the Chinese prayer house as a platform to train and prepare my readiness to work with Him and thus birth our ministries.

My faithfulness in obeying God to be at the Chinese Prayer House was my act of honour and praise to Him, it was not merely lip service (Isaiah 29:13). (The Lord did not tell me not to sleep.)*

Just do what the Lord tells you to do - not more, not less.

In his book ‘Secrets to Spiritual Power,’ Watchman Nee wrote:- "There are two kinds of sin before God: the sin of rebellion - not doing what one has been told: and the sin of presumption - doing what one has not been told to do (Ps. 19:13). Rebellion is failing to do what God has charged one to do. Presumption is doing what God has not commanded at all."

Exodus 4:21
The Lord said to Moses, “When you return to Egypt, see that you perform before Pharaoh all the wonders I have given you the power to do. But I will harden his heart so that he will not let the people go.”

Exodus 7:10
“So Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and did just as the Lord commanded. Aaron threw his staff down in front of Pharaoh and his officials, and it became a snake.”

This was Moses’ example of obedience. He did not bring his musical team and instruments to worship the Lord in front of Pharaoh to usher down the manifest presence of God. God’s glory was with him, in him and all over him.

Share an old testimony:-

May this testimony bless you!

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

Friday, March 2, 2018

Kenneth Hagin’s Testimony 【甘坚信的见证】

Legendary figures like John Wesley, Kenneth Hagin and Billy Graham bore the mark of a true disciple as they all place God first above everything else including their families, and they were all willing to do the will of the Father despite being constantly ridiculed, criticised and slandered.

John Wesley’s wife left him because he wrote to ladies, ministering to them. Kenneth Hagin almost lost his life because his wife complained to the Lord of his frequent absence from home.

Billy Graham’s daughter shared that her earthly father was away from home, approximately 60 percent of his children’s growing-up years.

While reorganizing my closet one day, I found a book, “The Human Spirit” written by the late Kenneth Hagin. He was one of the most influential American Pentecostal preachers who was often referred to as 'the Grand Daddy of the Word of Faith Movement.'

Diagnosed with "a deformed heart and an incurable blood disease" from birth, Hagin was partially paralyzed by age 15, confined to bed, and was told he had little time to live.

In April 1933, his heart stopped beating, and his other vital signs failed three times. In each of these instances, Hagin said he felt himself being dragged to hell. In the third instance, he prayed for Christ's help and forgiveness—and came back to life. He died at the age of 86 in 2003.

Kenneth Hagin's Testimony:

Suddenly my heart stopped beating and I fell from my chair to the floor! I became as cold as ice all over my body. I had been dead twice when I suffered with heart trouble at the age of sixteen, so I knew when death came over me this time.

They carried me to the parsonage and summoned my wife from the woman's Sunday school class. As soon as she came into the room she knelt beside my bed and wept, Ï feel this is all my fault.

Then she told me she had been complaining to the Lord about my long absence from home. She never had mentioned a word of it to me. However, she said that one day as she was washing dishes, she had heard a voice saying, I could take him away where he could never come back. 'She was startled, but dismissed it as her imagination playing tricks on her. Kneeling beside his bed she prayed this prayer of submission: 'Lord, if You will just spare my husband, I don't care how long he is gone or where he goes in Your will. I will not complain about it again.’

Then the Lord showed me where I had missed it too. When we had made a new consecration to the Lord to do His will, whatever it might be, we too can be instantly healed and made completely well.

How did I get into that predicament? Instead of listening to God and putting His Word first, I had sought the advice of various pastors. All they could give me was natural counsel. They had said, 'Your first obligation is to your family. You have small children and you should be home with them. You shouldn't be out in the field.' One preacher after another told me that; so I took their advice. I tried to do what they had suggested: to do what I wanted to do in the natural - and I nearly died.

I finally learned that a man can fulfill his obligations to his family and still obey God."

Kenneth Hagin

I pray that this sharing will strengthen your faith and stir you to spread the Fire of God. If you have been blessed by the sharing of our blog articles and testimonies and desire to partner with us to spread this Fire, please consider sowing into this ministry. You may do so through the link below. We thank you for your support and prayers. God bless you!”


约翰韦斯利的妻子离开了他,因为他了服侍女士而写信给她们。 甘坚信因着他的妻子向主抱怨他经常不在家而几乎失去了他的生命,。


有一天当我在重新整理我的壁橱时,我发现了一本由已故甘坚信写的“The Human Spirit”一书。他是最有影响力的美国五旬节派传教士之一,经常被称为“信仰运动运动的祖父”。


1933年4月,他的心脏停止跳动,他的其它重要器官失效了三次。在每一次经历,甘坚信说他觉得自己被拖到了地狱。在第三次的经历,他祈求基督的帮助和宽恕 - 并从死里复活。他于2003年去世,享年86岁。




然后她告诉我,她一直在向主抱怨我长期离家。她从未向我提起过这件事。然而,她说,有一天,当她在洗碗时,她听见一个声音对她说,我可以把他带走,他永远不会回来。 她吃了一惊,但是她认为是自己的想象在和她开玩笑。跪在他的床边,她祈祷这个顺服的祷告:“主啊,如果你饶恕我的丈夫,我不在乎他离开多长时间或他因祢的旨意去到哪里。我不会再抱怨了。”


我是如何陷入那困境的?我没有听从上帝,把祂的话放在第一位,而是寻求不同牧师的建议。他们所能给我的都是自然界的忠告。他们说,“你的第一个义务是你的家人。你有小孩,你应该和他们在一起。你不应该出去。”一位接一位的传教士告诉我;所以我接受了他们的建议。我试着做他们建议的事:做我在自然界想做的事情 - 我几乎死了。