Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Your Prayer Support - Relocation 【您的祷告支持 - 搬迁】

About 27 years ago, I purchased the adjoining two strata office units of Manhattan House (penthouses) to house my companies as I was then an active businessman. The property is located in the prime commercial district of Singapore. In 2006, in obedience to the Lord, I dedicated the property solely for His use.

I received a notice from the appointed En-bloc Property Agent advising us that they have achieved past 80% from strata unit owners, the quantum needed for En-bloc sale and will be calling owners meeting soon to prepare sale launch.

Through the link is the whole process of En-bloc sales:-

The two Penthouse units (debt-free) will realise a proceed of about S$5 million (about USD 3.6 millions).

With the accelerating commercial property prices, it is not easy to purchase a similar property especially TOP-floor Penthouse in a prime commercial district in land-scarce Singapore surrounded by hotels and eateries but I believe that the Lord will provide us with a better and bigger space needed for our expanding global ministries.

We appreciate your prayer support at this time for the sale and relocation. Thanks.

In Christ,

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

August 28, 2019



以下链接是整个销售的全过程: -







Sunday, August 25, 2019

Testimony by June Lew – A Personal Journey with God 【June Lew 的见证 - 与神的个人旅程】

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death “ – Revelation 12:11

This word was shared by Ps Paul Ang when he came to minister in Kuala Lumpur back in early 2017. The word made a tremendous impact on me and ever since then my spiritual life has not been the same. This testimony that I am supposed to have written is long overdue as it has been almost two and a half years since the time Ps Paul came to minister to our home fellowship and bible study members. So much has happened since I received the impartation of the power of the Holy Spirit. When he prayed for me something was activated in my spirit and I released 3 extremely loud “roars of the lion” . It was so loud that my HF members said it really sounded like a real lion ! Ps Paul said that whenever I sense evil around me I can roar out loud and the demons will flee. But little did I realise that this roar was to break all the fears that was resident in me for so long that stopped me from stepping out of my comfort zone. I knew for years deep inside me that the Lord has given me gifts to minister to His people. For many long years, my life as a Christian has been one much like a yo – yo. It had no real power to change and transform lives that the Bible described. Yet deep inside me there was a hunger, thirst and longing after the tangible Presence of God and His righteousness.

After my spirit was activated, I realized that even reading the Bible is no longer the same any more. The Word just came alive and jumped out of the pages of the Bible. I began to understand and grasp the word of God in a much more profound way. My morning devotional time with the Lord is one that I must not miss as I realized the more I prayed in tongues the more I felt the tangible presence of God and His fire is real. I then realized I was able to hear the Lord speak so much more clearly and as time went on the Lord taught me how to minister to my small groups ( Home Fellowship, Performing Arts Ministry and later Sri Sempurna International School teachers)

The Lord has equipped me to head the Performing Arts Ministry of FGAKL (in which I was appointed in October 2017 and my appointment as Chairman of Sri Sempurna came shortly after in November 2017). At the Performing Arts Ministry we meet every month for the specific purpose of ministering God’s tangible presence to the members and we started a Prayer Altar in early 2018. Many a time during these PAMily meetings the Lord’s presence enabled the people to be reconciled to each other and healing taking place and specific words was given by the Lord to each dear one. As such the productions that was presented in FGA in the Easter of 2017 entitled “ They Called Him Jesus” and “The Great Exchange” during the Christmas of 2018 took on a whole new dimension. There was such an amazing sense of unity in the Spirit of the team which consists of children from the age of 9 to adults the age of 70 all serving to the Glory of God. On one of the last presentations on the day before Christmas, one of our key cast members playing a major role who happened to be a 13 year old boy suddenly had a high fever. His parents had to send him to hospital as he was allergic to fever medicine. And during the same weekend my mother in law went home to be with the Lord and I had still had to hold the fort and stay strong during all the services for the team. Praise the Lord ...He empowered me with His strength to overcome all the obstacles which was put in my path to make me feel down and to distract me from my purpose. The night before the presentation I prayed to the Lord .....Lord ...Please heal Ryan as we need him to perform at the Christmas service. And The Lord gave me full assurance that Ryan will be well by the next day. And true enough Ryan turned up ...a bit later than the call time and the team prayed earnestly for him. When the time came for Ryan to come on stage his fever left him. Praise God for He answers our prayers just on time. The Lord Jesus touched so many lives through the impactful productions and many rededicated their lives to Christ and accepted the Lord.

In September 2018 , I was invited to Sri Sempurna International School’s annual teacher’s camp. And on the night before the camp my husband suddenly complained he had blood in his urine.( Which he has never experienced anything like this before) I sensed it was a direct spiritual attack as God was going to do a mighty work amongst the teachers. Hence I prayed for my husband intensely and within an hour the bleeding in the urine stopped completely. At the camp, the Lord enabled me to minister to 80 teachers, instead of them having a campfire outside, the Lord changed their plans and brought His fire down to the people’s hearts. We spent more than an hour worshipping and praying and allowing the Lord to do His work in the teachers lives. The next morning I took on a session which gave them an opportunity to share what they were going through as teachers in the school. In that one and
a half hours the Lord brought reconciliation between them and refreshed them in their spirit and brought a new sense of purpose of being a teacher in the school. This was the beginning of a work that The Lord impressed on my heart to transform the spiritual atmosphere of the school through prayer and intercession. From here the birth of a prayer altar was formed in the school.

To conclude, I want to testify that my life has been transformed by the Lord so much that I can now say truly I am a new creation in Christ.
“ Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. – 2 Corinthians 5: 17

The Lord is so so good that He brought an art collector to me just this month and I sold this oil painting to her from the Love is Light series of my artwork.

All Praise and Glory be unto our Lord Jesus Christ.

June Lew
Chairman of the Board of Managers,
Sri Sempurna International School

August 21, 2019



Testimonies of our ministry in FGA, Kuala Lumpur:- 

Arsenal of Fire Global

- 启示录十二章11节


这个话语是保罗牧师在2017年初在吉隆坡服侍的时候,我父亲在Taman TAR的家和我自己的家同时所分享的。这个话语对我的生命产生了巨大的影响。我很早就应该写的这个见证了,因为保罗牧师来到我们的家庭团契和圣经小组成员服侍已经几乎两年半了。自从我接受了圣灵大能的恩赐以后,很多事发生。当他为我祷告时,有一些东西在我的灵里被启动,我释放了三个非常响亮的“狮子吼叫”。声音非常大,以至于我的家庭团契成员说它真的听起来像一只真正的狮子!保罗牧师说,每当我感觉到我周围有邪恶,我就能大声吼叫,恶魔就会逃跑。但我没有意识到这个吼叫是为了打破长期存在于我身上的所有恐惧,阻止我走出我的舒适区。我在内心深处知道主已赐给我恩赐来服侍祂的子民。多年来,我的基督徒的生命就像一个溜溜球。它没有像圣经里描述能改变和改造生命的真正力量。然而,在我内心深处,仍然有一种渴慕和饥渴上帝有形的同在和祂的义。

在我的灵被激动之后,我发现到就连阅读圣经也不再相同。神的话活跃了起来,跳出圣经的页面。我开始更深刻的理解和掌握上帝的道。我早上与主的灵修时间是我不能错过的,因为我意识到我用方言祷告的越多,我就越觉得上帝的真实同在和祂的火是真实的。然后我意识到我能够更清楚的听到主说话,主也慢慢的教会我如何在我的小组服侍(家庭团契,表演艺术事工和后来的 Sri Sempurna 国际学校的老师)。

主使我有能力领导全备福音堂的表演艺术事工(我于2017年10月被委任,不久后在2017年11月我被任命为 Sri Sempurna 主席)。在表演艺术事工,我们每个月都会聚集服侍,把上帝有形的同在分赐给成员。我们在2018年初开始了一个祷告祭坛。很多时候,在这些家庭聚会,主的同在使人们能够相互和解。耶和华赐话语给每一个人,使他们得到医治。因此,在2017年复活节期间在全备福音堂上所呈现的“他们称祂为耶稣”和在2018年圣诞节期间呈现“大交换”的表演到了另一个全新的层面。正个团队非常的团结,其中包括从9岁的儿童到70岁的成年人,他们都为上帝的荣耀服侍。在圣诞节前一天的最后一次表演中,我们的一位扮演着重要的角色的主要演员,一个13岁的男孩突然发高烧。他的父母不得不送他去医院,因为他对发烧药过敏。在同一个周末,我的岳母回到天家,我仍然需要在所有聚会期间坚守岗位并为团队保持坚强。

赞美主 ... 祂用祂的大能使我有能力克服我道路上的所有障碍,沮丧和让我分心的事。在表演的前一天晚上,我向主祈祷 ... 主啊 ... 请医治 Ryan,因为我们需要他在圣诞节聚会中表演。主向我保证 Ryan 第二天会康复。Ryan 确实来到教会 ... 比演出时间晚了一点,团队为他恳切地祈祷。当 Ryan 上台的时候,他完全没有发烧。赞美上帝,祂回复我们的祷告。主耶稣通过表演触动了很多人的生命,许多人将他们的生命重新献给了基督并接受了主。

在2018年9月8日的 Sri Sempurna 教师营,祭坛召唤 .... 几乎所有人都向前来接受祷告。

2018年9月,我被邀请到 Sri Sempurna 国际学校的年度教师营。在教师营的前一天晚上,我的丈夫突然说他的尿液中有血(之前从未有过这样的事情)。我知道这是一个直接的属灵攻击,因为上帝要在那些教师身上动工。因此,我切切地为我的丈夫祈祷,并在一小时内尿液的出血完全停止。在营地,主让我能够为八十名教师服侍。主改变了他们的计划,他们没有在外面进行营火会,而是将祂的火焰临到了他们的心。我们敬拜和祷告了一个多小时,让主在教师的生命里动工。第二天早上,我让教师们有机会分享他们作为学校老师的经历。在那一个半小时里,主让他们和解,并畅快他们的灵,让他们有了新的意向。这是主开始的一项工作,让我通过祷告和代祷来改变学校的属灵气氛。从这里开始,一个祈祷祭坛就在学校设立了。


“若有人在基督里,他就是新造的人,旧事已过,都变成新的了。” - 哥林多后书五章17节


June Lew
Chairman of the Board of Managers,
Sri Sempurna 国际学校


我们在吉隆坡全备福音堂部的见证: -


Sunday, August 11, 2019

Media Exposure of AOF Global 【环球烈火军火库事工的关注】

The exposure of the awesome works of God in our ministries vide Facebook, our website and our book ‘The Arsenal of Fire’ is a very powerful evangelistic tool, an awesome way to testify and bear witness for our Lord (Acts 1:8, John 15:27). If we are willing to boldly testify for Him, the Lord will back us up as it is all about Him and His works. 

The Lord needs only a yielded vessel to manifest His works. His awesome works will bring in the harvest (Proverbs 14:4) and the connections (Proverbs 18:16).

Proverbs 14:4
Where there are no oxen, the manger is empty,
but from the strength of an ox comes an abundant harvest.

Proverbs 18:16
A gift opens the way for the giver
and ushers him into the presence of the great.

In 2017, Bishop George gave me a word in Sacramento to write books, which is a confirmation that I must not cease writing as this is part of my mission works for Him to promote His greater works in these last days and bring in the right connection for the end-times harvest. See link:-

God uses the book, website and the blog articles to be a launching pad to establish our AOF Global ministries. Praise God!

All glory to God!

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

August 11, 2019





2017年,乔治主教在萨克拉门托给了我一个启示性的话语,这印证我不能停止写作,因为这是我使命的其中一部分,为了祂在末日丰收的时候宣扬祂更大的作为并带来正确的联结。请看以下视屏: -





Monday, August 5, 2019

Major Cleanup in His Holy Temple 【重大的清理祂的圣殿】

Testimony from an Intercessor who wishes to remain anonymous:-

Sometime in mid-May this year, Holy Spirit started showing me that there was a ‘mixture’ in CKRM. Mixture as in certain people having personal agendas and some not yielding to the workings of the Holy Spirit. I thought to myself if this was happening, then the ministry would not be able to rise up to its fullness in fulfilling its call. This thought kept coming to me and I started to feel a burden about it, so I asked Holy Spirit why He was showing me this issue. Then He led me to intercede almost every other day, that Holy Spirit would do a cleanup in CKRM and that those who are meant to be there will be there. Those who are not supposed to be there will leave. And those who need the ministry will be led there. That the right people will be placed into their positions, whether in or out of CKRM. I was also led to pray for the people to have the fear of the Lord, protection, divine health and restoration. That wisdom and strategies would be given to Ps Paul and the leadership team to work together in humility and unity. 

Two days ago on Saturday, a friend of mine invited me to CKRM, not knowing I had been there before. I sensed Holy Spirit wanted me to go with him. Not knowing why, I went anyway. Yesterday after I stepped in and settled down, I suddenly sensed that the spiritual atmosphere was so clean! I was quite surprised because many months ago when I was there, the spiritual atmosphere wasn't good. But now it's so clean and great! It's like breathing in pure air! 

After the Sunday service, Principal Regina came and sat with me. I felt led to share with her that I sensed that the spiritual atmosphere was so clean. And how I was led to intercede for CKRM a few months ago that God will do a clean up. She then shared with me that they had been praying and cleansing the place in the past few months. I am seeing that God is doing an amazing work there! Praise the Lord! 

After that I felt led to go up and share with Ps Paul what transpired. And God is going to do a greater work in this second half of this year. 

Blessings to all!

August 5, 2019

希望保持匿名的代祷者的见证: - 

在今年五月中旬,圣灵开始向我显示 CKRM 中有混合物。某些人有个人议程而有些人并没有屈服于圣灵的运作。我心里想,如果发生这种情况,那么教会就无法实现她的呼召。我不断的有着这个想法。我开始感到有负担,因此我问圣灵祂为什么向我显示。祂引导我几乎每隔一天代祷,求圣灵将自上而下地在 CKRM 进行清理。那些应该在那里的人都会留下而那些不应该在那里的人将不得不离开。需要这事工的人将被带到那里,无论是在 CKRM 还是在别的地方服侍,对的人都将被安置到他们的岗位上。我也被引导为他们祈求敬畏上帝,得到上帝的保护,属天的健康和恢复。给予保罗牧师和领导团队智慧和策略,谦卑和团结地一起同工。

星期六,我的一个朋友在不知道我以前去过 CKRM 的情况下邀请我去。我感觉到圣灵要我和他一起去,我不知道为什么所有我就去了。昨天当我踏入并坐下来后,我突然感觉到属灵气氛如此干净!我很惊讶因为几个月前当我到那里时,属灵气氛并不好。但现在太干净太美好了!这就像呼吸纯净的空气!

主日聚会后,Regina 校长过来和我坐在一起。我与她分享,我感觉到属灵气氛如此干净并分享几个月前我为 CKRM 代祷上帝会做清理的工作。之后她与我分享他们在过去几个月一直在祷告和做洁净。我看到上帝在那里做了惊人的工作!赞美主!




Friday, August 2, 2019

God’s Arsenal (Jeremiah 50:25) 【上帝的武库 (耶利米书五十章25节)】

A Christian, after returning to China from a visit to USA was asked a question, "What impressed you most about America?" He replied, "The great things Americans can accomplish without God."

In USA, when asked for feedback after his visit to a well-established megachurch, he replied "Well, you have talked about your program. You have talked about your radio. You have talked about your Sunday School and Church - that's very good. You have done wonderfully well without the power of the Holy Spirit."

USA is a great superpower with the most advanced 'high-tech' weapons in the natural world and considered the most fatal, to be unleashed in the coming great wars. Though the great country has produced many legends, they are far behind the spirituality of the Eastern 'nameless' people whom the Lord has prepared and is about to release them to unleash His 'Star Wars Spiritual Weaponry' (Jeremiah 50:25).

Earth cannot be more advanced than heaven. Everything must first begin in the Spirit. God first created us in the spirit (Ecc. 12:6-7, Genesis 1:26). Any new creation and invention must first begin in the spirit before it is released to Earth.

Haggai 2:9 - ‘The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,’ says the Lord Almighty. ‘And in this place I will grant peace.’ declares the Lord Almighty.

We are in that era of massive harvest right now. God is arming the body of Christ with lethal weapons that the enemy has no defense against, to transform radical gospel persecutors into radical preachers of the gospel, drawing many radical preachers of other faith to fearlessly preach the gospel in a last move to draw all nations to Him.

Patricia King of XP Ministries prophesied in one of her TV programmes, that God was preparing for His people in this hour,  weaponry that had not yet been seen in this earth and someone was seeing some of the spiritual weaponry and a book was written about it. 

Dr Morris Cerullo talked about the coming 'Star Wars' which the Lord revealed to him and he spoke about it via

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj shared that the miracles in the Bible would look like child’s play compared to the coming glorious move of God.

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

August 2, 2019

"I pray that this sharing will strengthen your faith and stir you to spread the Fire of God. If you have been blessed by the sharing of our blog articles and testimonies and desire to partner with us to spread this Fire, please consider sowing into this ministry through the link below. We thank you for your support and prayers. God bless you!”

一位基督徒在访问美国后返回中国时被问到一个问题,你对美国印象最深刻的是什么?” 他回答说:美国人可以没有上帝而完成伟大的事情。

在美国,当他拜访了一个广为人知的大型教会后被问及反馈时,他回答说:你谈到你的节目。你谈到你的广播节目。你谈到你的主日学和教会 - 这非常好。你没有圣灵的大能还能做得这么好。



哈该书二章9 - “这殿后来的荣耀必大过先前的荣耀,在这地方我必赐平安。这是万军之耶和华说的。


XP Ministries 的科英白区霞在她的一个电视节目中发预言说到,上帝在这个时刻准备祂的子民,在这地上从没看过的属灵武器,而有一个人看到了一些属灵武器并写了一本关于这些属灵武器的书。

Morris Cerullo 博士谈到了主向他透露的即将到来的星球大战,他通过以下视屏链接谈到 -