Monday, August 5, 2019

Major Cleanup in His Holy Temple 【重大的清理祂的圣殿】

Testimony from an Intercessor who wishes to remain anonymous:-

Sometime in mid-May this year, Holy Spirit started showing me that there was a ‘mixture’ in CKRM. Mixture as in certain people having personal agendas and some not yielding to the workings of the Holy Spirit. I thought to myself if this was happening, then the ministry would not be able to rise up to its fullness in fulfilling its call. This thought kept coming to me and I started to feel a burden about it, so I asked Holy Spirit why He was showing me this issue. Then He led me to intercede almost every other day, that Holy Spirit would do a cleanup in CKRM and that those who are meant to be there will be there. Those who are not supposed to be there will leave. And those who need the ministry will be led there. That the right people will be placed into their positions, whether in or out of CKRM. I was also led to pray for the people to have the fear of the Lord, protection, divine health and restoration. That wisdom and strategies would be given to Ps Paul and the leadership team to work together in humility and unity. 

Two days ago on Saturday, a friend of mine invited me to CKRM, not knowing I had been there before. I sensed Holy Spirit wanted me to go with him. Not knowing why, I went anyway. Yesterday after I stepped in and settled down, I suddenly sensed that the spiritual atmosphere was so clean! I was quite surprised because many months ago when I was there, the spiritual atmosphere wasn't good. But now it's so clean and great! It's like breathing in pure air! 

After the Sunday service, Principal Regina came and sat with me. I felt led to share with her that I sensed that the spiritual atmosphere was so clean. And how I was led to intercede for CKRM a few months ago that God will do a clean up. She then shared with me that they had been praying and cleansing the place in the past few months. I am seeing that God is doing an amazing work there! Praise the Lord! 

After that I felt led to go up and share with Ps Paul what transpired. And God is going to do a greater work in this second half of this year. 

Blessings to all!

August 5, 2019

希望保持匿名的代祷者的见证: - 

在今年五月中旬,圣灵开始向我显示 CKRM 中有混合物。某些人有个人议程而有些人并没有屈服于圣灵的运作。我心里想,如果发生这种情况,那么教会就无法实现她的呼召。我不断的有着这个想法。我开始感到有负担,因此我问圣灵祂为什么向我显示。祂引导我几乎每隔一天代祷,求圣灵将自上而下地在 CKRM 进行清理。那些应该在那里的人都会留下而那些不应该在那里的人将不得不离开。需要这事工的人将被带到那里,无论是在 CKRM 还是在别的地方服侍,对的人都将被安置到他们的岗位上。我也被引导为他们祈求敬畏上帝,得到上帝的保护,属天的健康和恢复。给予保罗牧师和领导团队智慧和策略,谦卑和团结地一起同工。

星期六,我的一个朋友在不知道我以前去过 CKRM 的情况下邀请我去。我感觉到圣灵要我和他一起去,我不知道为什么所有我就去了。昨天当我踏入并坐下来后,我突然感觉到属灵气氛如此干净!我很惊讶因为几个月前当我到那里时,属灵气氛并不好。但现在太干净太美好了!这就像呼吸纯净的空气!

主日聚会后,Regina 校长过来和我坐在一起。我与她分享,我感觉到属灵气氛如此干净并分享几个月前我为 CKRM 代祷上帝会做清理的工作。之后她与我分享他们在过去几个月一直在祷告和做洁净。我看到上帝在那里做了惊人的工作!赞美主!




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