Saturday, December 28, 2019

Wise Words

In life, some may walk, others may run, but remember the Lord gave the tortoise and the horse the same days to reach Noah's ark. Your journey might be rough and tough but you will definitely get to your destination.

Jacob looked at Joseph and saw a good son! The ten brothers looked at Joseph and saw a useless dreamer! The travellers looked at Joseph and saw a slave!! Potiphar looked at Joseph and saw a fine servant!! Potiphar's wife looked at Joseph and saw a potential boyfriend! The prison officers saw in Joseph a prisoner! How wrong were all of them! God looked at Joseph and saw a Prime Minister of Egypt in waiting!! Don't be discouraged by what people see in you!! Be encouraged by what God sees in you!! 

Never underrate the person next to you because you never know what the Lord has deposited in that person. Your maid may be a Chief Executive Officer in waiting for a company which shall employ your child. Your garden-boy may be a president in waiting. (Remember David got the anointing of becoming a King while he was a simple child herding sheep. Esther was a simple orphaned girl yet she was a Queen in waiting). 


God is God:

🏽He doesn't care about *age*, no wonder he blessed Abraham.

🏽He doesn't care about *experience*, no wonder he chose David.

🏽He doesn't care about *gender,* no wonder he lifted Esther.

🏽He doesn't care about *your past*, no wonder he called Paul.

🏽He doesn't care about *your physical appearance*, no wonder he chose Zacchaeus (the shortest one).

🏽He doesn't care about *fluency in speech* , no wonder he chose Moses.

🏽He doesn't care about *your career*, no wonder he choose Mary Magdalene; a prostitute. 

All I know is that my God never changes

🏽He never made *a promise he wouldn't keep

He never saw *a person he wouldn't help

🏽He never heard *a prayer he wouldn't answer

🖼He never found *a soul he wouldn't love

🏽He never found *a sinner he wouldn't forgive

This is the kind of God I would like to  commune with every day the moment I wake up. I strongly recommend Him to you.

Writer : Unknown

Let's share God's love and make the world a better place to live.


A Blessed New Year to you!


God bless you!

Arsenal of Fire Global


Thursday, December 26, 2019

Season Greetings - Faith 【季节的问候 - 信心】

Here’s a Message of Faith to encourage you. 

David had such great faith in the Lord that he told King Saul in 1 Samuel 17:37, “The Lord who delivered me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine...”

The small sized, 17 years old David faced Goliath, who taller than 9 feet, and told him in 1 Samuel 17:45-46”, You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. This day the Lord will hand you over to me, and I’ll strike you down and cut off your head. Today I will give the carcasses of the Philistine army to the birds of the air and the beasts of the earth, and the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel.”

In 2004, despite being dissuaded, I went by faith to a Chinese Seminary in California. I was then a very young believer in the faith standing next to theological giants in the school. I was spiritually hungry and desired to receive the anointing for healing and the gift of tongues. These were the treasures of silver and gold which I was seeking BUT God saw my faith and gave me a very precious DIAMOND instead... the awesome, precious gift of hosting His manifest presence (Fire & glory). Praise God! 

As Proverbs 18:16 says, “A gift opens the way for the giver and ushers him into the presence of the great.” This gift has brought in the connections, resources and the co-workers and associates wherever God sends us to minister. All glory to God!

Blessed Christmas to all of you .. 2020 is a supernatural year for believers to catch the tsunami wave of blue flame to draw in the harvest.

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

Dec 26, 2019



17岁的大卫个子很小,面对高9英尺的歌利亚时,在撒母耳记上十七章4546节中对他说:你来攻击我,是靠着刀枪和  戟;我来攻击你,是靠着万军之耶和华的名,就是你所怒骂带领以色列 军队的 神。今日耶和华必将你交在我手里。我必杀你,斩你的头,又将非利士军兵的尸首给空中的飞鸟、地上的野兽吃,使普天下的人都知道以色列中有神;

2004年,尽管遭到劝阻,我还是凭着信心去了加利福尼亚州的一家中文神学院。那时,我还是一个很年轻的信徒,和神学院里的神学巨人一起。 我灵里非常的饥渴,希望能得到医治的恩膏和说方言的恩赐。这些是我寻求的银和金的宝藏,但上帝看到了我的信心,就给了我一个非常珍贵的钻石…… 就是承载祂荣耀的同在的宝藏(火与荣耀)。 赞美神!

正如箴言十八章16节所说:人的礼物为他开路,引他到高位的人面前。” 无论上帝将我们送往何处服侍,这个礼物都带来了联系,资源以及同事和同伴。 一切荣耀归于上帝!




Tuesday, December 3, 2019

My Recent Hospitalisation 【我最近的住院治疗】

I was hospitalised recently because of a heart disorder that was diagnosed back in 2012 when the doctor said that I needed a bypass. I did not heed the doctor’s advice then.  During the hospital stay and since then, the heart doctor and two other heart specialists were amazed that I had defied the odds of sudden cardiac death for 7 years. God has preserved my life to work with Him for the mission that He has called me to. By His mercy and grace, God continues to rest His fire and glory upon me which demonstrates His manifest presence to bring down the fire to continue to purify the body and empower His Church. All glory to God! 

I had much time to reflect during this period of hospital stay and subsequent rest to reflect if I might have done anything wrong and stepped out of God’s will. But God is always good and a great Comforter in our hour of need. 

God is also love and love overcame my fear. I left my sickbed, went to minister at SIBKLCC, Malaysia, to see for myself if in my weak physical condition, I still carry His fire and glory. And God, who is ever faithful, reassured me by moving in signs and wonder.  The three days of ministry in SIBKLCC was awesome, even more powerful than my expectation. It strengthened my confidence in God and I am excited that AOF is ready for God to take us to a new phase. Praise God!

The Lord says in Isaiah 55:11, “so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”

Thanks to the committed intercessors who are in SG/Malaysia Prayer Wall as well as those in the AOF Global Prayer Wall who are interceding for us and the ministry.

All glory to God!

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

Dec 3, 2019

我最近因心脏问题在医院住院,该病早在2012年就被诊断出,当时医生说我需要做搭桥手术。那时我没有听从医生的建议。 在住院期间和从那以后,心脏医生和另外两名心脏专家都非常惊讶我竟然在这7年里没有心脏猝死。上帝保存了我的生命,可以与祂一起完成祂呼唤我的使命。上帝借着祂的怜悯和恩典继续将祂的火和荣耀降在我身上,这表明了祂彰显的同在继续降下火,洁净祂的教会和基督的身体。 一切荣耀归于上帝!


上帝也是爱,爱战胜了我的恐惧。 我离开了病床,去了马来西亚SIBKLCC服侍,看看我是否处于身体虚弱的状态下,仍然承载着祂的火与荣耀。永远信实的上帝通过神迹和奇事安抚了我。在SIBKLCC三天的服侍很棒,甚至超出了我的预料。 它增强了我对上帝的信心,我很高兴环球烈火军火库事工准备好让上帝将我们带入新的阶段。 赞美神!






Sunday, December 1, 2019

How You Can Know The Will of God - Kenneth Hagin 【你如何能知道上帝的旨意 - 甘坚信】

Kenneth Hagin said something to this effect - In releasing prophecy, learn from Paul that he used words like “he perceived in his spirit” and that he never used force, threatening the listeners that if you don’t listen and follow what he says, judgement will come upon you. Those who prophesy in a threatening way are prophesying from the wrong spirit. Paul never said, God said....” but he said ‘I perceive’.

“If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.”
‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭13:2‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Listen to the video link below starting from 32:30 minute mark:-

God bless you!

Arsenal of Fire Global

Dec 1, 2019

甘坚信表达了一些意见 - 在释放预言时,要像保罗一样,他使用了他在灵里看出之类的词,并且他从不强迫,威胁听众说,如果你们不听从他的话, 审判将临到你们身上。 那些以威胁的方式发预言的人是从错误的灵发预言。 保罗从来没有说过,上帝说过…… 但他说我看出

我若有先知讲道之能 ,也明白各样的奥秘,各样的知识,而且有全备的信,叫我能够移山,却没有爱,我就算不得什么。” 哥林多前书十三章2‬





Thursday, November 28, 2019

A Willing & Obedient Vessel (Isaiah 1:19) 【一个愿意和顺服的器皿 (以赛亚书一章19节)】

All of us fall short of His glory and as human beings, every single one of us makes mistakes BUT God knows the motive of every heart and He knows whose heart is willing to obey Him ...Isaiah 1:19, “If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the best from the land;”

When I was first called to ministry, I had a very tight cash flow but I used whatever resources and finance that I had to set up CKRM ministry, including the dedication of the building we are currently using for His use. I was a willing vessel then and I still am now. Nothing has changed. 

My frequent prayer to God is; “Lord, due to my sinful human nature, I make mistakes all the time, sometimes without even knowing BUT YOU see a willing and obedient heart, a heart so willing to do YOUR will. So if I stray out of Your will or make mistakes, please intervene and bring me back to YOUR will. Always reveal my sin so that I have a chance to repent before YOU take me home.”

Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with a weak heart that was working only 20% and despite the doctor’s advice and also my son’s insistence that I go for a bypass operation, I refused, fully trusting in God’s miraculous healing. I do not fear death for I know that God will only take me home if I had completed the mission that He had called me to do. 

I was recently hospitalised and my doctor here in Singapore was amazed that I had defied the odds of sudden cardiac death for 7 years. Even a Kuala Lumpur heart specialist commented that I was a living miracle after reading my medical report. All Glory to God for I know He is the One who has sustained my life. 

CKRM/AOF Global is God’s ministry, to raise up firestarters who are overcomers (Gen 33:28), having been put through tough trials and tests to be part of the end time fire team to reach out to all nations to ignite His unstoppable flame. I am thankful that He has caused this fire to spread and we now have several ‘stations’ around the world. 

May this sharing bless you!

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

Nov 28, 2019

我们每个人都亏欠了祂的荣耀,我们都会犯错,但上帝知道每一个人的动机,祂知道谁愿意顺服祂.... 以赛亚书一章19 “你们若甘心听从, 必吃地上的美物,

当我被呼召时,我的现金非常有限,但是我用尽我所有的资源和资金成立了基督国度崇高掌权事工,包括我们目前正在使用的会场。 那时我是一个愿意为祂服侍器皿,现在仍然没有改变。

我经常向上帝祈祷;  上帝,由于我有罪的人性,我总是犯错,有时甚至不知道。但是祢会看到一颗甘愿而顺服的心,一颗愿意去做祢的旨意的心。 因此,如果我偏离了您的旨意或犯了错误,请把我回到您的旨意中。 永远揭露我的罪过,这样我才有机会在祢带我回天家之前悔改。

七年前,我被诊断出心脏虚弱,功能只有百分之二十,尽管有医生的建议,而且儿子坚持要我进行绕道手术,但我还是拒绝了,完全相信上帝的奇迹般的康复。 我不惧怕死亡,因为我知道只有我完成了神召我去做的任务,神才会带我回天家。

我最近住院了,而我在新加坡的医生非常惊讶我竟然7年里都还没有心脏猝死。 即使是吉隆坡的心脏病专家也评论说,在阅读我的医疗报告后,我是一个活生生的奇迹。 所有荣耀归给上帝,因为我知道祂是维持我生命的那一位。





Monday, October 21, 2019

One-World Religion 【世界统一宗教】

The world’s TOP religious leaders are talking about one world religion in order to live in peace and harmony with everyone. I would comply wholeheartedly if this came under the banner of the One True Living God, the True Light who brings salvation to ALL the people of the earth. Every faith believes they are worshipping and serving the TRUE LIVING GOD.

John 14:6
Yahweh ( Yod Hay,  Vav Hay) said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. Who is Yod Hay, Vav Hay? He is the God who in Exodus 3:14, said to Moses, “I am who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I am has sent me to you.’ ”

CKRM/AOF had the honour recently of bringing spiritual restoration and revival to a Catholic church in a big nation. God led students comprising of Catholic priests, nuns, leaders and ministry workers to the Fire Ministry. None of them has ever encountered or had any experience with the baptism of fire.

God has chosen to use the attendees of this Catholic church to bring spiritual restoration, revival and to ignite the fire to the Catholic Churches throughout the nation. They received such a glorious impartation of fire at the School of Fire Starters. All glory to God for His awesome and mighty works!

Anti-Christs want to unite all religion under a one-world religion and are working towards this objective. However, God’s plan is to draw the hearts of all His people back to the One True Living God Yahweh. He said in:-

Habakkuk 2:14
For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.

Joel 2:28
“And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on ALL people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.”

All these will be done through great signs and wonders never seen on earth, the Lord Almighty said in Haggai 2:9, “The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,...’, drawing the hearts of ALL people, whether they are occultist,  practice voodoo, witches, false prophets or people who worship other gods, back to the One True Living God.

Hebrews 8:7
For if there had been nothing wrong with that first covenant, no place would have been sought for another.

Hebrews 8:8
But God found fault with the people and said: “The time is coming, declares the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah.

Hebrews 8:9
It will not be like the covenant I made with their forefathers when I took them by the hand to lead them out of Egypt, because they did not remain faithful to my covenant, and I turned away from them, declares the Lord.

Hebrews 8:10
This is the covenant I will make with the house of Israel after that time, declares the Lord. I will put my laws in their minds and write them on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people.

Hebrews 8:11
No longer will a man teach his neighbor, or a man his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord,’ because they will all know me, from the least of them to the greatest.

Zechariah 13:9
This third I will bring into the fire; I will refine them like silver and test them like gold. They will call on my name and I will answer them; I will say, ‘They are my people,’ and they will say, ‘The Lord is our God.’ ”

Romans 9:25-26,
As He says in Hosea: “I will call them ‘my people’ who are not my people; and I will call her ‘my loved one’ who is not my loved one,” and, “It will happen that in the very place where it was said to them, ‘You are not my people, ‘they will be called ‘sons of the living God.’ ”

Why will they be called ‘sons of the Living God’?

Answer:- they will be the true disciples, carrying the mark of Sonship (Romans 8:14-17) after being cleansed, refined and purified by the fire of God. They will be flames of fire (Hebrews 1:7) and will carry the order and calling with Heaven’s mandate to speak with great power and authority to revive and transform lives.

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

Oct 21, 2019


耶和华(Yod Hay,Vav Hay)说:“我就是道路、真理、生命。若不借着我,没有人能到父那里去。” 谁是 Yod Hay,Vav Hay?祂是在出埃及三章14节中对摩西说话的神:“我是自有永有的。”又说:“你要对以色列人这样说:‘那自有的打发我到你们这里来。’”

基督国度崇高掌权 / 环球烈火军火库事工最近很荣幸地将属灵恢复和复兴带入了一个强国的天主教堂里。上帝带领由天主教神父,修女,领袖和事工同工组成的学生到火焰的事工。这些人从来都没有经历过或从未有​​过火焰洗礼的经历。














答案:- 他们将是真正的门徒,在被上帝的圣火洁净,炼净和净化之后,会带有圣子的记号(罗马书八章14至17节)。他们将是烈火(希伯来书一章7节),将接受命令并以天上的使命召唤以强大的力量和权威说话,以复兴和改变生活。



Saturday, October 12, 2019

Thank You For Your Selfless and Tireless Service 【感谢您的无私不懈的服侍】

Dear Co-workers of the AOF School of Fire Starters,

A great praise to God for all your selfless and tireless service. The School is a resounding success judging from the testimonies of the students. Glory to God. God is faithful and He is awesome. His presence at the school was so amazing from the start. Despite all our reservations, doubts and the distracting spiritual "warfare" we faced, God, once again reminded us that He is in control. Our faith, once again, is strengthened by His mighty work in the school.     

The students comprised Catholic Priests, nuns, leaders and ministry workers who came without any experience of the Fire Ministry. Despite the difference in theology and not having the experience of the Holy Spirit fire, God saw their hungry, yielded and humble hearts and He released blessings upon blessings of fire upon them. When the fire of God was imparted, they roared in unison like the roar of the Lion of Judah proclaiming the victory of our Lord; they cried with tears of repentance; they laughed with joy; they drank the invisible wine and were drunk in the Spirit;  they were burned with the refiner's fire and they were cleansed, healed and set free; and they received the fire anointing that empowers them to do greater works. Indeed, the zeal of the Lord came upon them. 

These small portions disciples in a big country is indeed a very very tiny fraction. But it only takes a spark to start a fire. These disciples are the fire-starters of God. Their nation will be set on fire progressively over the next 15 years (I received this impression). Count it our privilege to be a part of this end-time ministry of God. This School has taught us to be bold and courageous in overcoming challenges because our trust is in the Lord. Glory to God Almighty! 
In His Love. 

Jim Tan
Organising Chairman 
School of Fire Starters.

October 09, 2019






Jim Tan


Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Recent Posting about Worshiping God - My Apology 【最近发布关于敬拜的贴文 - 我的道歉】

Good morning!

Recently, I shared a video by Pastor Daniel Issachar and shared a message about it. I realized that I grieved the Holy Spirit so I want to make a public apology about this matter. 

I realized that the message I wrote and Daniel’s sharing may have made worship in music and songs seemed unimportant or that believers who need to worship God in singing lack the presence of God in their lives. 

I also want to apologize that I may have belittled well-known ministers of God by saying that they need a very strong worship team to usher in the presence of God for them. That is incorrect. 

In my insecurity, because of how people have often perceived me when I don’t worship God ‘the conventional way’, my ego was delighted by what Daniel said because I thought it vindicated all the times that people look at me in judgment when I don’t ‘worship’ God during worship. 

There are many ways for a person to worship God and my way of worshipping God is to do His will with a total surrender of heart and boldness. 

God calls and anoints worship teams. God loves when His children sing to Him. Worship in song and music delights the heart of God and celebrate who God is. God uses these mighty people of God and their highly anointed worship team to draw the hearts of His children back to Him. 

We too desire a strong anointed worship team for AOF and thank God that He led a prominent doctor from China together with his sister to lead worship during the Fire Starter school this week. 

I am thankful to God for His chastisement because He disciplines those He loves and He chastens those He receives as His sons.
- Heb 12:6

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

Oct 9, 2019


我最近分享了 Daniel 牧师的视频,并分享了一些信息。我意识到自己让圣灵担忧,所以我想对此事公开道歉。

我意识到我所写的信息和 Daniel 所分享的可能让人认为用音乐和歌敬拜显得不重要,或者需要用唱歌来敬拜上帝的信徒在生活中缺乏上帝的同在。


由于人们总是觉得我不以“常规方式”敬拜上帝的角度来看我,而 Daniel 说的那些话让我感到自大,我觉得他所说的话为我辩护了,因为当我在敬拜时不‘敬拜’上帝的时候,人们总是以审判的眼光来看我。




- 希伯来书十二章6节



Wednesday, October 2, 2019

God’s Chosen - A Vessel of Honour【神的受膏者 - 荣誉的器皿】

I have been invited to minister and impart the fire of God at a Church by a senior Pastor. She told me that she has been following my spiritual growth and saw that I was transformed by God from a broken jar of clay to a jar worthy of use by the Lord for His glory. 

God has chosen me as His vessel of honour in this pioneering ministry to impart the pure blue glorious flame of the Arsenal of Fire (Jeremiah 50:25) to the nations, drawing the people’s heart back to God with swift transformation and revival. The Lord said He is not interested in man’s reputation, but those that are obedient and sacrificially yielded to His Spirit’s leading, He will call to bear His sanctified fire.  He has given me a title that I be known as a “Fire Starter”.

This awesome unique mighty gift has drawn great spiritual giants and leaders to me as illustrated in Proverbs 18:16, ‘A gift opens the way for the giver and ushers him into the presence of the great.”

Ministering in Taiwan recently, a group of about 50 set up ‘The Arsenal of Fire Chatline Fan’s Club’. With humility, I will not reject the honour that God wants to bestow upon me for the Lord declares in 1 Samuel 2:30: “Therefore the Lord, the God of Israel, declares: ‘I promised that your house and your father’s house would minister before me forever.’ But now the Lord declares: ‘Far be it from me! Those who honour me I will honour, but those who despise me will be disdained.” The Lord also honoured Joshua by telling him, “Today I will begin to exalt you in the eyes of all Israel, so they may know that I am with you as I was with Moses.”

Never turn down the honour from God because the honour comes with great power and authority including God’s favour as a confirmation that we are His chosen vessel of Honour.

I give all glory to God!

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

Oct 2, 2019










Thursday, September 26, 2019

2017 - Beginning a New Time and Season 【2017年 - 新时代和季节的开始】

I believe that the year 2017 is the beginning of a new time and season of a rapid and great move of God, as prophesied by many prophets. God is wasting no time in pouring His Spirit on all people to fill the whole earth with His glory.

God is arming the body of Christ with lethal weapons that eyes have not seen and ears have not heard, that the enemy has no defence against. These weapons are mighty and powerful, just like how the flash of light upon radical Christian persecutor and murderer Saul instantly transformed him to Paul, the apostle, in less than 30 seconds. It took less than a minute for Elijah’s two-sentence prayer to call down the fire and bring the hearts of the children of Israel back to God.

God is moving very rapidly in this new season using a new breed of the new wine that He has kept hidden in His mountain, releasing them to unleash His arsenal of fire (Jeremiah 50:25) upon His enemy to transform the radical persecutors of the gospel including occults and witches into radical preachers of the gospel. It will also draw many radical preachers of other faith to fearlessly preach the gospel in the last move to draw all nations back to Him.

The most precious treasure is not being in the presence of God, or being filled by the presence of God but carrying His Presence, the fire and His manifest glory, that we are a 24/7 - 365 days powerhouse, the Word in action, backed by Heaven. The purpose is to display God’s manifest presence Himself for the world to see, that Christ’s light radiates from us. That makes all the difference.

In Exodus 4:21, The Lord said to Moses, “When you return to Egypt, see that you perform before Pharaoh all the wonders I have given you the power to do. But I will harden his heart so that he will not let the people go.”

God did not tell Moses to bring in his big anointed worship team and use fantastic lightings to go with him to see the Pharaoh in order to usher down His glory. The Lord’s manifest presence went with him. 

Moses knew the difference between the anointing and the glory. He had the anointing of God. He knew the thrill of working miracles, signs and wonders through the anointing. Moses had a good thing, but he asked God for the best thing. He said, “Please show me your glory.”

The difference between the anointing of God and the glory of God is like the difference between the tiny blue spark of static electricity and the raw power of a 440-volt power line when lightning strikes your head. Anointing is good but we should pursue the best.

This is AOF’s ministry and my calling where His rested manifest presence is in me, with me and all over me which I can demonstrate instantly and rapidly as an evidence of my calling. 

God is using me to demonstrate and put on display His manifest Presence for the world to see, in order to wake up His Churches. I am a witness for Him, not boasting about myself but boasting about Him and for His glory.

Paul said in 1 Corinthians 2:4-5, “My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a DEMONSTRATION of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on men’s wisdom, but on God’s power.”

He also said in 2 Corinthians 4:7, “But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.”

Here are some testimonies ...

First School of Fire Starters

Bro Eric/Singapore 

Pastor Daniel Issachar/Taiwan 

Prophet Peter Daruisz/Poland

I give all glory to God!

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

September 26, 2019











保罗在哥林多前书二章四至五节中说到,“ 我说的话、讲的道,不是用智慧委婉的言语,乃是用圣灵和大能的明证, 叫你们的信不在乎人的智慧,只在乎神的大能。”

他也在哥林多前书二章七中说到:“我们讲的,乃是从前所隐藏、 神奥秘的智慧,就是 神在万世以前预定使我们得荣耀的。”



Eric 弟兄/新加坡

Daniel Issachar 牧师/台湾 

Peter Daruisz 先知/波兰