Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Recent Posting about Worshiping God - My Apology 【最近发布关于敬拜的贴文 - 我的道歉】

Good morning!

Recently, I shared a video by Pastor Daniel Issachar and shared a message about it. I realized that I grieved the Holy Spirit so I want to make a public apology about this matter. 

I realized that the message I wrote and Daniel’s sharing may have made worship in music and songs seemed unimportant or that believers who need to worship God in singing lack the presence of God in their lives. 

I also want to apologize that I may have belittled well-known ministers of God by saying that they need a very strong worship team to usher in the presence of God for them. That is incorrect. 

In my insecurity, because of how people have often perceived me when I don’t worship God ‘the conventional way’, my ego was delighted by what Daniel said because I thought it vindicated all the times that people look at me in judgment when I don’t ‘worship’ God during worship. 

There are many ways for a person to worship God and my way of worshipping God is to do His will with a total surrender of heart and boldness. 

God calls and anoints worship teams. God loves when His children sing to Him. Worship in song and music delights the heart of God and celebrate who God is. God uses these mighty people of God and their highly anointed worship team to draw the hearts of His children back to Him. 

We too desire a strong anointed worship team for AOF and thank God that He led a prominent doctor from China together with his sister to lead worship during the Fire Starter school this week. 

I am thankful to God for His chastisement because He disciplines those He loves and He chastens those He receives as His sons.
- Heb 12:6

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

Oct 9, 2019


我最近分享了 Daniel 牧师的视频,并分享了一些信息。我意识到自己让圣灵担忧,所以我想对此事公开道歉。

我意识到我所写的信息和 Daniel 所分享的可能让人认为用音乐和歌敬拜显得不重要,或者需要用唱歌来敬拜上帝的信徒在生活中缺乏上帝的同在。


由于人们总是觉得我不以“常规方式”敬拜上帝的角度来看我,而 Daniel 说的那些话让我感到自大,我觉得他所说的话为我辩护了,因为当我在敬拜时不‘敬拜’上帝的时候,人们总是以审判的眼光来看我。




- 希伯来书十二章6节



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