Tuesday, December 3, 2019

My Recent Hospitalisation 【我最近的住院治疗】

I was hospitalised recently because of a heart disorder that was diagnosed back in 2012 when the doctor said that I needed a bypass. I did not heed the doctor’s advice then.  During the hospital stay and since then, the heart doctor and two other heart specialists were amazed that I had defied the odds of sudden cardiac death for 7 years. God has preserved my life to work with Him for the mission that He has called me to. By His mercy and grace, God continues to rest His fire and glory upon me which demonstrates His manifest presence to bring down the fire to continue to purify the body and empower His Church. All glory to God! 

I had much time to reflect during this period of hospital stay and subsequent rest to reflect if I might have done anything wrong and stepped out of God’s will. But God is always good and a great Comforter in our hour of need. 

God is also love and love overcame my fear. I left my sickbed, went to minister at SIBKLCC, Malaysia, to see for myself if in my weak physical condition, I still carry His fire and glory. And God, who is ever faithful, reassured me by moving in signs and wonder.  The three days of ministry in SIBKLCC was awesome, even more powerful than my expectation. It strengthened my confidence in God and I am excited that AOF is ready for God to take us to a new phase. Praise God!

The Lord says in Isaiah 55:11, “so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”

Thanks to the committed intercessors who are in SG/Malaysia Prayer Wall as well as those in the AOF Global Prayer Wall who are interceding for us and the ministry.

All glory to God!

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

Dec 3, 2019

我最近因心脏问题在医院住院,该病早在2012年就被诊断出,当时医生说我需要做搭桥手术。那时我没有听从医生的建议。 在住院期间和从那以后,心脏医生和另外两名心脏专家都非常惊讶我竟然在这7年里没有心脏猝死。上帝保存了我的生命,可以与祂一起完成祂呼唤我的使命。上帝借着祂的怜悯和恩典继续将祂的火和荣耀降在我身上,这表明了祂彰显的同在继续降下火,洁净祂的教会和基督的身体。 一切荣耀归于上帝!


上帝也是爱,爱战胜了我的恐惧。 我离开了病床,去了马来西亚SIBKLCC服侍,看看我是否处于身体虚弱的状态下,仍然承载着祂的火与荣耀。永远信实的上帝通过神迹和奇事安抚了我。在SIBKLCC三天的服侍很棒,甚至超出了我的预料。 它增强了我对上帝的信心,我很高兴环球烈火军火库事工准备好让上帝将我们带入新的阶段。 赞美神!






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