Sunday, January 8, 2017

FGA's 'Fire Friday' Kuala Lumpur January 6, 2017

Paul K. P. Ang was invited to minister at Full Gospel Assemblies (FGA) Kuala Lumpur on the 'Fire Friday' (Jan 6, 2017) organized by the FGA for all their leaders, home fellowship group.

The ministry was awesome with excellent feedback

"Our Almighty Gracious God has opened 2017 with a Big Bang in FGA for your ministry. …I myself am pleased to be a part of this History-making event and all my church elders are happy and encouraged that signs and wonders are imparted to everyone who wants a touch of God. Another record for FGA that everyone was prayed for and the meeting started at 8:30 pm and with request to attend due a full house attendance and many lined up for prayer, the meeting ended at 11.30pm. FGA is so blessed."

Bro Johnny Yong

Chairman of FGA, Kuala Lumpur Elder Dr Ng Soon Gan, a Cardiologist & Physician at Pantai Hospital, shared that the book, The Arsenal of Fire, is awesome. He mentioned that once he began reading, he could not stop and that he has read 3/4 of the book.

In three days, the stock of 430 books available in Malaysia have been sold, which FGA bought the remaining 270 books for sale to their members. 

Elder Dorai was the full time elder executing the full running of this church. He shared a testimony vide the link below:-

To God be the power and glory forever and ever! Amen!

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