Sunday, July 23, 2023

Testimony & Endorsement by Dr Jackie Mare



In Africa, we are quite sceptical about certain things. We don’t take up everything that seems spiritual. When I heard about AOF ministry on Zoom, I could really experience that there was something different about this fire. I was excited to go to Singapore to find out more.


I met Dr Paul KP Ang for the first time at his office. As I was sitting on the chair, Dr Paul KP Ang said that he wanted to impart the fire of the Lord. Suddenly, yes suddenly, for God knows our hunger, I was burning under my feet, on my hands and on my mouth! The first thing I did was run out to get some water on my hands. It was burning so much I could not handle it. I went to wash my hands and realised this is not a physical burning, it was in the spirit of the Lord.


I find that there are 2 things we need if we want to save the church from being a wreck. The first is that we need to evangelise with love. The second being that we need the fire of the Lord to change the demonic atmosphere. It will only be by the fire of the Lord that we will be able to run into the witchcraft. It is only by the fire of the Lord, with the Holy Spirit walking next to us, that we will be able to change the situation of the lost! Because the lost are so captured by the demonic atmosphere and idols that they need the fire of the Lord to change their lives and to touch their hearts.


This is not something you can understand with your mind. Believe me, I’m a Professor and I’m one of the sceptical people. We cannot understand the spirit world by walking in the flesh or by doing what we normally do in the flesh. The fire of the Lord is not something you can try to figure out.


Who wants to run and roar and roll? Who wants to humiliate oneself except if the Holy Spirit fire comes upon you like in the book of Acts? There’s something we need to understand when the Holy Spirit came upon the people on the day of Pentecost; they became drunk in the spirit. In the flesh, the people thought the disciples were physically drunk. However, in the spirit, they were touched by the Holy Spirit and the fire of the Lord.


I believe a lot in prayer, and I believe the one thing about the end times, for us to bring in the lost, is to teach the fire of the Lord. It is going to be necessary for evangelism to walk by the Holy Spirit AND His fire.


Dr Jackie Maré

President, Heal the Land Ministries International NPO

Certified in Demonology, Biblical Greek, Counselling & Bible Schools

First Woman Board Member, Kingsway AFM Ministries


Here is Apostle Dr Jackie Mare’s recorded video testimony:-


ENDORSEMENT for the book ‘Transforming Fire’

In Africa, we are quite sceptical about certain things. We don’t believe in everything that seems spiritual; however, I have personally experienced the touch of the Lord through my engagement with this ministry in prayer. I can testify that the fire of the Holy Spirit is so necessary for the end times. I am looking forward to the fact that Dr Paul KP Ang has written this book to teach people about the fire of the Lord. In these end times, we need the fire of God to change the demonic atmosphere and we also need to evangelise with love so that the lost can come home to Jesus.

Spiritual things need to be spiritually discerned; it is not something we can understand with our minds, but with our spirit. May we revive the days of Pentecost by learning to walk with the Holy Spirit AND the Lord’s Holy Spirit fire.

Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ Says the Lord of hosts. (Zech 4:6)

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