Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Spiritual Fire for the End Times - Dr Jackie Mare


By His grace, the Lord has aligned several ministers of high international standing with AOF Global to receive the Holy Spirit’s fire impartation for His end time purpose and glory. 

One of them is an apostolic revivalist, Dr Jackie Mare, President of Heal the Land Ministries International NPO, Certified in Demonology, Biblical Greek, Counselling & Bible Schools, First Woman Board Member, Kingsway AFM Ministries. Praise God!

Dr Jackie Mare wrote in her testimony, saying, “In Africa, we are quite sceptical about certain things. We don’t take up everything that seems spiritual. When I heard about AOF ministry on Zoom, I could really experience that there was something different about this fire. I was excited to go to Singapore to find out more.”

She came to AOF Global Singapore and received a very strong fire impartation of the Lord. She shared that she experienced intense burning in her feet, hands and mouth. She has also the revelation that this Spiritual Fire would be needed for the end times.

She shared her testimony and revelation that can be accessed via the link:-


She has also endorsed my new book, “Transforming Fire” which will be released in October this year.

To God be the honour, power and glory!

AOF Global Limited

July 25, 2023

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