Thursday, August 3, 2023

Fire Friday - August 18, 2023


Hi Fire Friday team,

I would like to share something briefly to encourage all of you.

Due to our nature of our calling, we obeyed God's direction to shut down our Spore Church in 2019. This happened even before the Covid pandemic. After we obeyed, God amazingly aligned ministers of international standing to connect with us, thus opening doors for AOF Global to reach the nations.

I initially thought that I have to take a backstage in ministry. However, God gave me prophetic utterances through Prophet Natasha and Apostolic Revivalist Dr Jackie Mare through ZOOM, both I had not met that this would not be so. (Dr Jackie Mare later visited me in Spore).

Prophet Natasha is the daughter of Dr Gustav. Do listen to the prophetic utterances that states I have yet to even began my real ministry.

Nathasha Van Tonder at City Missions Church’s Zoom June 2021

Apostle Jackie Maré at City Missions Church’s Zoom on June 29, 2021

The prophetic utterances are the same but spoken in different ways by Prophet David Wu, Nancy Coen and Bishop George.

Obedience is humility and is the key and the mark of Sonship and discipleship in order to manifest His power and life, as evidence that God lives in us (John 14:11, 21, 23).

If you have a calling to be a revivalist, come to catch the revival fire on Fire Friday August 18, 2023.

God bless!

AOF Global Limited

August 3, 2023

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