Friday, May 15, 2020

Make Disciples of All Nations (Matthew 28:10-20)

The current pandemic is a timely reminder to us all, as ministers of God, the urgency of doing His will to make disciples of all nations.

*Urgent times require urgent equipping of His saints* to advance the Kingdom of God. I believe that God is going to empower His servants with ministering flame of fire πŸ”₯ from on high within a very short period of time in this last days to bring about Revival. 

God inspired me to write the book, *"The Arsenal of Fire - My Supernatural Journey into the Signs and Wonders Ministry"* in 2016. By God's grace, this book has blessed many believers. Many readers testified that their ministries received renewed anointing after being stagnant for a period of time. Some received new spiritual gifts, while others were delivered and healed by the power of God. Some shared that they could tangibly feel the fire of God touching them and reviving them with a new passion for God. 

Yesterday, I received a message from Bro Alvin Neo of RFM that encourages me. He shared that he read the book 3 times as he felt that God was speaking directly to him through the book. Such is God's anointing upon this book for those who are earnestly seeking Him and do His will. 

*"The Arsenal of Fire Global"*, the ministry of which I'm one of the co-founders, has organised 2 Schools for *"Fire Starters"* last year, which were attended by participants from 9 countries. The schools were limited to 40-50 participants per school so that we could minister personally to them. Many of those who attended were mature believers who were Pastors, Priests, church leaders and ministry workers who were hungry for more of God to take their ministries to the next level of anointing. Praise God, many graduated from the Schools with a fresh anointing and zeal for the Lord.

Thank God for *RFM, Malaysia*. I believe it is a *divine platform* for like-minded servants of God to encourage, equip, cooperate and join forces to move the agenda of God in our spheres of influence.

We are blessed by Dato Chua Jui Meng’s quick positive response to participate in our forth-coming fire impartation fellowship in Kuala Lumpur. He shared a testimony about the heat he felt in his chest and stomach as the Holy Spirit ministered to him when he participated in our recent first ever Zoom.

Briefly introducing, Dato Chua is the Chairman of Revival Fire Movements (RFM) with about 240 people in his RFM WhatsApp group. The group comprising pastors and ministers of God, including highly learned and well established spiritual giants with different calling in the Body of Christ. Dato Chua is also the ex: Malaysian Minister of Health.

When the current Covid situation pans itself out and when God gathers enough of His yielded servants who are hungry for the things of His Kingdom, we will organise the fire impartation fellowship or class in Kuala Lumpur. All these are in the hands of God and our part is to pray for His timing and His ways. We commit this impartation fellowship to our Lord and wait on Him. 

I believe the fire of God is urgently needed during this season for believers to rise up and minister with signs and wonders and advance His Kingdom before night comes.

Pray with us. God bless you!

In the service of our Almighty God.

Ps Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

May 15, 2020


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I pray that this sharing will strengthen your faith and stir you to spread the Fire of God. If you have been blessed by the sharing of our blog articles and testimonies and desire to partner with us to spread this Fire, please consider sowing into this ministry. You may do so through the link below. We thank you for your support and prayers. God bless you!”

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