Monday, May 18, 2020

Why We Need to Guard Our Hearts?

During the season of being prepared for my calling, the Lord led me to the tough and fearful wilderness and isolated me for few years. On one occasion, the Lord opened my spiritual eyes to see a bad demon gazing at me, looking for a hole to come in. God was alerting me to guard my heart at all times (Proverbs 4:23) and to be self-controlled and alert (1 Peter 5:8).

Proverbs 4:23
Above all else, guard your heart,
for it is the wellspring of life.

1 Peter 5:8
Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

I was also taken in the spirit to a place of regret where the sky was dark & brownish to see a 3rd generation Christian who during his time on earth, was a respected community leader. On another occasion, the Lord gave me a vision of a friend whom I brought to Christ months before he died. His face was full of joy in a very bright place.

Share two videos (5 minutes each) by three established and respected ministers of God vide the links:-

1. Many Pastors will Drop Dead at the Pulpit - Neville Johnson & Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj.

2. Two Scariest Lies in Our World Right Now - Francis Chan

God bless you!

Paul K P Ang 洪 光 炳
Arsenal of Fire Global

May 18, 2020


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