Thursday, May 7, 2020

Saint-Denis of Paris

Saint-Denis of Paris was a 3rd century Christian and the Bishop of Paris. In the days of persecution, they decapitated his head, he carried it in his hands and walked 6 miles preaching and telling people to repent of their sins and give their lives to Christ. He preached repentance with his head in his hands. After about 6 miles, he slumped and went to be with the Lord.

Today, we have Christians who are not moved by the multitude of souls trooping to hell. Christians who are not ready to lay anything down for God and are only concerned about what to eat, what to drive and fly.

Pastors whose God is their stomach. ( Philippians 3: 19 )

Christians who go to church every Sunday to show their latest style of dress, new hairstyle and shoe, with no soul to present to God and turned the church of God to business, money changers in the Temple.

When they get an attendance report every Sunday, it is money, financial report they look at first. All they care about is how much came in. Some don't bother to know how many souls were won. How many souls escape the unquenchable flames of hell? 

Greed has crept into the souls of many shepherds and choked their original motive. God sent them to the world, but the world sent them from God with vain, transient and mundane things of this world. Shepherds that are making the Labour of authentic Kingdom heroes past to be in vain. If we continue like this, and Jesus tarries to come, only God knows the future of Christianity in the world. But there are people rising. Oh God, please help us!

John Joseph Ryan

May 7, 2020

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