Friday, February 14, 2020

Financial Harvest 【财务丰收】

Rev (Prophet) Alvin Cheah’s prophecy given to me in 2017 about raising business leaders was a confirmation of Naresh’s prophecies to me in 2012.

I can only impart what I have been given - the God-given business talent and my past business experience as an entrepreneur. 

God has blessed my family too, as I witness His work of raising my eldest son George in business and his recent acquisition of the renowned A&W Malaysia...

As per Prophet Naresh’s prophecies, God has ordained me to raise up businessmen and women who will bring in a huge financial harvest for His end-time purpose. I believe this prophecy will come to pass as I have also been given dreams of the same. I felt in my spirit to share Prophet Naresh’s prophecy vide the link which God may use it to speak to some of the readers of this article.

It was my first time meeting Prophet Naresh who knew nothing about my heart disorder. After releasing the prophecies to Ps Esther and me, he handed me the microphone requested prayer from me. The fire surged through him and threw him to the floor before I could even finish the 2nd sentence, praying over him. With him on the floor, his host then told me to minister to the congregants. 

All glory to God!

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

Feb 14, 2020

牧师(先知)Alvin Cheah2017年向我发的关于培养商业领袖的预言证实了Naresh2012年对我的预言。

我只能传授我有的东西 - 天赐的商业才能和我过去作为企业家的商业经验。

上帝也祝福我的家人,因为我亲眼目睹了祂兴起我的长子George在商界的工作以及他最近收购著名的马来西亚A&W Malaysia...





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