Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Manifest Presence of God’s Glory 【神荣耀彰显的同在】

In the year 2004 in California, the Lord bestowed upon me a rare gift. I did not have the insight of what the rare gift was until I began to see ‘signs’ following me. Then, He began to reveal to me part by part. First, He took me up in the spirit where the glorious blue flame from His Throne Room beamed through me like laser. Later, He revealed to me that mantle bestowed upon me is the Sword of the Holy Flame which is to do works for Him in greater measure and I cannot impart this gift which is the manifest presence of His glory.

I share this link which provides more insight.

Some respected and highly anointed ministers, including forerunners whose ministries bear awesome testimonies, have asked me to impart this unusual treasure to them - desiring His manifest presence that is resting upon me, some asked for double portions. However, God has not spoken to me yet about the successor whom I have to pass the mantle to so my comfort is that I have not yet completed the mission that He has anointed me (1 Kings 19:16). 

In my almost 13 years of working with the Lord imparting the fire of God, I have seen many leaders including respected fivefold Spirit-filled ministers raised up after receiving the Fire Impartation. Thereafter, their ministries become more effective, bearing awesome fruits and testimonies of the works of God. 

Praise God and I give Him all the glory!

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

June 4, 2019








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