Wednesday, June 5, 2019

My God’s Given Ministry 【神赋予我的事工】

When God gave me this fire ministry, He also provided a blueprint of His plan for my mission. I do not chase after man for the prophetic direction of my calling. There is no purpose in getting prophetic directions if we run around in disobedience, struggling in the wilderness and not stepping into our destiny that God has called us.

When a train stops at a station, it picks up passengers and moves on.  It does not wait for those who are struggling whether to board or not. God has a grace period. If you choose not to answer His call, someone else will.

My concern is making sure God is pleased with me and that what I do is in obedience to His will. As a protection and spiritual covering, God has sent several of His prophets to speak to me so that I would not share the same fate as Saul to have the Spirit of God depart from him due of his disobedience (1 Samuel 16:14) or like the young prophet who was killed by a lion after being deceived by an old prophet and fell off the will of God (1 Kings 13:18).

I am not interested in the reputation of having a title although my ministry bears the mark of an Apostle (2 Corinthians 12:12) and the power of Spirit of Elijah in calling down fire from heaven. However, the Lord gives me the title of ‘Fire Starter’ as per the prophetic word by Nancy Coen when she came to visit us for a fellowship. The title affirms my ministry as Nancy Coen is no ordinary prophet. She is fearless, sharp and has met with all kinds of dangerous situations in her mission.

I share her most amazing testimonies vide the link:-

May this message bless you! 

Grace be with you and I give all glory to God!

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

June 5, 2019




虽然我的事工带有使徒的印记(哥林多后书十二章12)和以利亚的灵从天上降下火来的能力,但我对拥有任何头衔并不感兴趣。然而,当 Nancy Coen 来到我们当中与我们团契时,主通过她发了预言的话给了我 “烈火启动着” 的头衔。这个头衔肯定了我的事工,因为 Nancy Coen 不是一个普通的先知。她无所畏惧,非常敏锐,在宣教时遇到各种危险情况。

我通过以下链接分享她最奇妙的见证: -





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