Thursday, June 13, 2019

My God’s Given Ministry Part 3 【神赋予我的事工 - 三】

Agape Renewal Center (ARC) is a respected Bible School in California. ARC grew and expanded and John MacLennan’s ministry became well known among the Chinese Churches after God teamed both ARC and John MacLennan together for His purpose and glory. Many ministers of God were raised up in the school after receiving the Fire Impartation.

The fire and glory upon John MacLennan were rare and awesome, similar to Kenneth Hagin, but God did not permit John MacLennan to write any books, have his own website or to promote his ministry, thus there was zero exposure for John MacLennan except through the connection of Dr Ernest Chan of ARC.

Rev Dr Elisha (Henry) Chieng who informed me about the demise of John MacLennan, gave me this revelation in 2016:-

"With John's boxing and businessman background and he, being theologically untrained, his ministry of power and sudden appearance as a spiritual public hero, obviously cannot be accepted by conventional clergymen and layman leaders. Thus God did not allow him to promote himself or even his works. He is not accepted by his own people, the westerners, but warmly welcomed by the Chinese people through the recommendation of Rev Dr Ernest Chan.

With your background, being ecclesiastically untrained and your sudden appearance with power demonstration, you appear to be a disgrace to people; somewhat similar to how the Pharisees, Sadducees, priests and high priests felt about Jesus. You are not accepted here in your own country and yet so readily accepted in the USA among the Chinese. John MacLennan was somewhat like the forerunner paving your way, as John the Baptist did for Jesus. Though John was doubtful whether Jesus was the Coming One to bring about the new world order, our Lord cleared his doubt by reports and demonstrations of His signs and miracles. When John was gone, Jesus' public ministry commenced. 

Your time has come. Be ready for many unexpected incidents to happen. Yet always be aware to give glory to God at all times just as Jesus did, even to the end. Yes, a new season has begun, and your time has come, John 14:12-14 is coming to pass in your life. Rejoice!"

An American prophet, Rev David Wu, wrote to me:-

"John MacLennan has gone home. You need to carry on the baton."

The links provide more insight that this is the Kairos time for our ministries to reach out to nations, as prophesied by several respected prophets:-

We give all glory to God!

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

June 13, 2019



通知我麦约翰过世的詹立言牧師(博士)在2016年给了我这个启示: - 






正如几位受人尊敬的先知所预言的,以下链接提供了更多的见解,说明这是我们事工向全世界接触的最佳时间: -


洪光炳 Paul K P Ang


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