Friday, June 28, 2019

New Testament church - My Testimony 【新约时代的教会 - 我的见证】

In my passion to pursue the manifest presence of His glory, I stayed close to my School President and his anointed fiery team. It was like Elisha who kept closely knitted to Elijah. I have not found another ministry or Church which manifests such an awesome manifest presence of His glory, and I would not settle for something less. It was a treasure to me, that I could not let go (Matthew 13:44-45). 

As such, I stayed focus. God saw a heart full of passion for His manifest glory and willingness to follow the pillar of cloud and move with Him. Eventually, He called me into ministry and opened global doors for it.

I was a happy, lukewarm, worldly believer until I had the fire encounter with God. I believe it is faithfulness and the passion to obey Him at all cost that brought about this ministry that has grown globally to impact the nations and bear testimonies of His wondrous works that glorify His name.

This is the passion that sets God’s standard for our CKRM/AOF Global, to raise up the fittest disciples who are called, chosen and faithful (Rev 17:14). It is not a number game, but the quality of disciples who bear the mark of true Sonship - Obedience with humility to do the will of the Father without compromise.

A prophet shares a testimony:-

“CKRM is a ministry that will bring the fire of the Holy Spirit back to the church, which is supposed to be a fireplace. A soulish and intellectual church is not what the Apostles had built in the New Testament era. It does not bear the spiritual DNA of the Apostle Paul. He would not be able to recognize the churches he pioneered if he were to visit them today. He would say this is not what a church is intended to be.

The church has become a number game. It has become a social club for the social elite. It has become a religious institution for those who are proud of their religiosity. The church has become everything but the New Testament church that the early Apostles had built whose blueprint was from heaven. She has become what God did not, and still does not intend her to be.”

We give all glory to our Lord. 

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

June 28, 2019




就是这股热情让上帝为我们基督国度崇高掌权 / 环球烈火军火库事工设定了标准,兴起被呼召,被拣选和忠心并强壮的门徒(启示录十七章14节)。这不是一场数字游戏,而是具有真正儿子身份记号的门徒的品质 - 谦卑并不妥协地顺从天父的旨意。

一位先知分享了以下的见证: - 

“基督国度崇高掌是一个将圣灵的火带回教会的事工。教会应该是一个火炉。 一个不属灵和智力的教会不是使徒们在新约时代建立的。它并没有使徒保罗的属灵基因。如果他今天去拜访它们,他将无法认出他所建立的教会。他会说这不是一个教会原先的计划。





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