Monday, July 1, 2019

Different Parts of Calling in the Body of Christ 【基督身体里不同的呼召】

God uses all kinds of people. He also uses the grossly misunderstood and the outcast for His purpose, to glorify His name.

Fred Smith wrote:- “Samson had no wisdom, no maturity, no relationships of any value. We usually equate consecration with spiritual maturity, piety, godliness, our goal being to be more Christlike. Samson lacked all these qualities. Perhaps he was raised up in the same way as Pharaoh-to display God’s power and then be destroyed.

Samson was impulsive, spoilt, demanding, arrogant, and lacking in judgment. He showed no hint of kindness or love nor displayed any evidence of a life stirred by the Spirit. He was actually cruel and vindictive, incapable of discernment and immune to advice.

Yet, he was consecrated for God’s use to defeat an enemy and bring down an entire government. His epitaph read, “He killed many more when he died than while he lived.” Isn’t that what he was set apart to do?”
Everyone has a calling in the Body of Christ to serve His divine purpose to glorify His name. Many of us are loose and careless with our mouth, unknowingly criticizing God's work. We judge, slander, criticize and discredit men whom God has called and anointed.

Here is a link to the article why we should not judge:-

Grace be with you all!

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

July 1, 2019


弗雷德史密斯写道:- “参孙没有智慧,不成熟,没有任何的价值。我们通常将圣职等同于属灵的成熟,虔诚,敬虔,我们的目标是更像基督。参孙缺乏所有这些素质。也许他像法老一样被提升为了显示上帝的能力,然后被毁灭。








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