Saturday, July 13, 2019

Testimony by Dr Sherry 【Sherry 医生的见证】

I came to AOF only recently. On my first visit, I was touched by the Fire of God. On my second and third visit, I could feel my spirit man becoming more alive. As a successful career woman, I tend to be more rational, and I am not easily influenced by my surrounding. But by the 4th and 5th visit, I could feel the burning sensation on my both hands, and electricity surging through my entire body. I knew it was the work of the Holy Spirit.

Within a short period of time, I began to learn to impart the Fire of God through prayer. My friend who brought me here saw that I was on ‘Fire’ and trembling under the power of God.  So he asked me to lay hands and pray over the medicine which was for his relative. In my 40 years of my medical career, I have never prayed like this before. However, after praying once or twice, his relative who was diagnosed with a very rare disease, the condition is now under control, and health has improved.  

All Praise to God!

Dr Sherry,
PRC Medical Group
Principal & Founder

June 30, 2019




Sherry 医生,
德意志联邦医疗集团 (PRC Medical Group)


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