Monday, June 3, 2019

An Old Testimony from Rev Daniel Joseph 【Daniel Joseph 牧师的旧见证】

Rev Daniel Joseph received Christ when he was 3 years old. At the age of 6, he was baptised in the Holy Spirit. He was a regular attendant to our Fire Impartation ministry about 13 years ago. Now ordained as a reverend and having his own ministry, we invited him to preach in our Church service yesterday. 

He commented that it was beautiful seeing how after all these years, the Spirit still flows powerfully through all of us. Thank God that the manifest presence of His glory has never departed from our ministry. Instead, it has grown from glory to glory and has blessed many leaders and pastors with Fire Impartation and spiritual gifts that have made them strong (Romans 1:11).

Obedience will keep His manifest glory. The Spirit of the Lord had departed from Saul due to his disobedience and an evil spirit from the Lord tormented him (1 Samuel 15:22-23, 16:14).  

This link provides more insight into God’s covering and protection. 

Rick Joyner quotes:- “When we start to fear the people leaving more than we fear God leaving, we departed from true faith “.

The old testimony vide the link below was shared by Rev Daniel about 12 years ago:-

"All Your works shall Praise You, ‘O Lord’"

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

June 3, 2019

Daniel Joseph 牧师在他3岁时接受了基督。在6岁时,他受圣灵的洗礼。大约13年前,他经常参加我们火焰恩赐分赐事工。他现在被授予牧师的圣职,并有自己的事工,我们昨天邀请他到我们的聚会中讲道。




雷克巧纳引述: - “当我们开始害怕人们的离开比我们害怕上帝的离开时,我们就背离了真正的信仰”。

以下的链接时 Daniel 牧师在大约12年前分享的见证: -




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