Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Fruits produced from the Baptism of Fire 【火的洗礼中所产生的果子】

Testimony - Deborah Christian Chia, Singapore

“After attending Arsenal of Fire Ministries at CKRM, I felt my spiritual passion activated once again. For almost a year, my spiritual passion for God was not burning. You are like an arrow with fire. It just shot right into me to burn again for God.”

Andrew (Elisha) Tan shared his testimony vide the link below:-

A pastor who had read through my book, “The Arsenal of Fire” gave a five-star rating in his review.

He wrote his review:- “If you have been moving in the faith realm and the anointing realm for a long time, it is time to receive revelations on how to walk in the glory realm! Walking in the glory realm means to carry or host the glory of God. Before our bodies can be worthy to host the manifest presence of His glory, God has to purify and cleanse us (His Temple).”

The Youtube links below provide deep insight into the reasons why God is releasing His fire.

https://youtu.be/l7-XsgjLdpA     - a short powerful 5-minute teaching clip by Cal Pierce.

http://youtu.be/KWT7Cjy0niw    - Baptism of Fire by Prophet Neville Johnson

During my sharing at a prayer meeting in San Jose, California in 2016, an 87-year-old prophetic intercessor of the Prayer House shared her testimony about our book vide the link below:-

https://youtu.be/4gxdvLNc4C4 - Prophetic Intercessor on our book.

Arsenal of Fire Global

May 14, 2019

见证 -  Deborah Christian Chia,新加坡


安德鲁(以利沙)通过以下链接分享了他的见证: - 



他写了道: - “如果你已经在信心的领域和恩膏领域长时间的运行,那么现在是时候接受关于如何在荣耀的领域运行的启示了!走在荣耀的领域意味着承载上帝的荣耀。在我们的身体配得承载祂有形荣耀的同在之前,上帝必须洁净和净化我们(祂的圣殿)。”


https://youtu.be/l7-XsgjLdpA - 一个 Cal Pierce 教学的5分钟短片
http://youtu.be/KWT7Cjy0niw  - 先知 Neville Johnson 的火焰洗礼


https://youtu.be/4gxdvLNc4C4  - 启示代祷者分享我们的书



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