Friday, May 24, 2019

Season of Connection 【联结的季节】

We thank you for your prayers.

After our last mission assignment to New Zealand in September 2018, we returned to our HQ in Singapore for a season of rest. God used the season to connect us with people with the same heart and mission to align our ministries and also to restore and rejuvenate the health of the two ministry’s co-founders.

God led Dr Sherry, a Catholic to connect with us. She is the founder of PRC Medical Group, has a hospital in China and has collaboration, tie-up interests in Germany with powerful connection and influence with high authorities in governments. 

Her family boasts 13 generations of doctors. The herbs she used were from the period of the Ming Dynasty prepared for emperors. She is now my physician. I am taking her prescription made from 40 different kinds of herbs. It has improved my health.

God grants and uses human talents to restore and rejuvenate His ministers to have strong, able and healthy bodies to work with Him. The connection serves both ways. Like several people whom God has led to come under our spiritual mentorship, Dr Sherry is one of them whom God has greatly blessed. Since attending our Sunday Church meeting, she has received heavy spiritual impartation for God’s purpose for this new season. Praise God!

I like her motto that she displays in her PRC Medical Group, “Our commitment is to give New Hope to our patients. 10 days is all you need for PRC Medication to improve your condition”. It is similar to the motto given in our AOF Global Ministries, “It doesn’t take 30 years of sermons to transform your life. It takes just an encounter with God, the Consuming Fire to transform your life, like Paul’s encounter with the light that flashed upon him on his way to Damascus.”

In my spiritual journey, the Lord has led many forerunners/revivalists who are spirit-filled five-fold ministers to our ministries to receive the fire impartation. Some acknowledged the treasure that God has bestowed upon our ministries and submit to our mentorship for spiritual covering. Others came quietly to receive the spiritual impartation but chose to remain silent (Matthew 13:44-45) and were reluctant to testify of God’s power and goodness. Jesus healed the ten leper’s but only one Samaritan came back to thank him and gave praise to God (Luke 17:15-18).

We give all glory to God!

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

May 24, 2019



上帝带领一位天主教徒 Sherry 医生与我们联结。她是 PRC Medical Group 的创办人,在中国有一家医院,与德国相当有影响力的政府官员合作和合伙。


上帝也利用人才来修复和恢复祂的仆人,使他有一个强壮,能干和健康的身体与祂合作。这连接是双效益的。就像上帝带来几个在我们的属灵指导下的人,Sherry 医生就是其中一个上帝大大赐福的人。自从参加了我们星期天的聚会后,她因着这个新的季节上帝所要达到的目的领受了很多的属灵分赐。赞美神!

我喜欢她在她的医疗集团展示的座右铭,“我们的承诺是给患者带来新的希望。您只需10天就可以改善您的状况”。 这和我们环球烈火军火库事工的座右铭非常相似,“你不需要30年的道来改变你的生活。只需要与上帝的一次相遇,那烈火就能改变你的生活,就像保罗遇到在前往大马士革途中四面照着他的光一样。“





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