Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Alert - Advice and Prophetic Words for our AOF Pastors and Leaders 【警惕 - 给我们环球烈火军火库事工的牧师和领导者的忠告和先知性话语】

As AOF Global is expanding and reaching out to nations, God will lead more leaders to be part of the co-working team. However, we need to be alert and heed the advice and prophetic words given to us:-

Advice from our ministry’s Advisor, Bro Kia Jin:-

We have to be spiritually vigilant. I shared with Ps Paul some time ago that a ministry like AOF and CKRM will attract all kinds of people who are looking for spiritual opportunities. Look out for people who claim that they have wide ministry experiences, and want to help out or be part of the AOF ministry. 

We must be very careful in giving these people the pulpit or even share spiritual matters to members of AOF and CKRM. Some of them come to "recruit members" or to put it bluntly, to steal sheep. They can innocently tell you that they are helping you, but they have motives.  

Even though we're eager to collaborate with others, we must discern and take time to know the person and pray before we allow them to be part of the Ministry. We need a system to have a gate-keeping process. If someone wants to serve in or collaborate with CKRM/AOF, there must be a process of consideration. You all may want to think about this and put in place a process. Thanks.

Alert through prophetic words from:-

Prophet David Wu (吴霆牧师):-

Apostle John Lee:-

In Christ,

Arsenal of Fire Global

May 8, 2019


我们的事工顾问 Kia Jin 弟兄的忠告:






John Lee 使徒:




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