Tuesday, April 30, 2019

God is a Consuming Fire - Testimonies 【上帝乃是烈火 - 见证】

Our God is a Consuming Fire and fire is contagious. Fire can transform the most hardcore criminal, occultist or atheist into a fiery preacher (flame of fire - Hebrews 1:7) to reach out to the world and spread the flame of the Gospel with miracles, signs and wonders to heal, deliver and transform lives rapidly.

The link below is an amazing testimony of Rob Whelan.

In the UK, Rob Wehan imparted the fire to his former guitarist and  atheist friend, Dominic and his friend shared this testimony:-

"I had a pretty intense breakthrough last night. I don’t know if it was because it was Easter, but I was at this house party just having a few beers and then ended up going into this really deep trance state with messages coming through, basically filling me up with a sense of peace and well being and a feeling of being given a higher purpose in life from above, a purpose to spread the word of peace in God’s name. 

I could hear things in a language I’d never heard before and stuff. One of the most surreal things I have ever experienced. 

I definitely have no doubt left that there is a higher power trying to guide me on this path. It was like a total lightbulb moment."

- Dominic.

Rob Wehan shared his testimony in the WhatsApp Chatgroup:-

“Amazing! Dominic is now looking to get baptised. He's also planning on coming over to New Zealand later in the year too so I've told him to go via Singapore and drop in and see you, Pastor Paul.”

We give all glory to God!

Paul K. P. Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

April 30, 2019

我们的上帝乃是烈火,火是具有传染性的。火可以将最铁杆的罪犯,异邦恶俗者或无神论者变成一个火热的传教士(火焰 - 希伯来书一章7节),用异能、奇事和神迹传播福音的火焰,迅速地医治,释放和改变生活。

以下的链接是 Rob Whelan 的一个非常棒的见证。

在英国,Rob 向他的前吉他手和无神论者朋友 Dominic 传授圣火。他的朋友分享了这个见证: - 



- Dominic

Rob Wehan 在微信聊天组中分享了他的见证: - 
“太神奇了!Dominic 现在正要准备接受洗礼。他也计划在今年来到新西兰,所以我告诉他要经过新加坡,去拜访你,保罗牧师。”




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