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The Arsenal of Fire - Journey into the Baptism of Fire 【烈火军火库 - 進入火的洗礼的超自然旅程】

The Arsenal of Fire 

Journey into the Baptism of Fire

There are a number of biblical accounts that narrate the supernatural encounters of certain men with the fire of God. The lives of these men were never the same again after these encounters. They received new assignments from heaven and went on to transform the world they lived in.

In the Exodus 3:2 account, we read that the Lord appeared to Moses in flames of fire out of the midst of a bush. This fire of the Lord that set the bush on fire also set Moses on fire and he was commissioned by the Lord to deliver the Israelites out of the hand of the Egyptian Pharaoh.

In the Isaiah 6:6, 7 account, we read that the angel of the Lord touched Isaiah’s lip with a tong of fire manifested as a burning coal. Thereafter, his prophetic ministry was never the same again.

In the Acts 2:3 account, we read that tongues of fire appeared to the 120 disciples in the Upper Room and rested on each one of them. Since then the Church was birthed and advanced forcefully with the empowering fire of the Holy Spirit.

In the Acts 9: 3 account, we read that Saul of Tarsus, on the road to Damascus encountered the flashing light from heaven which is a form of the fire of God. He was dramatically transformed and became the Apostle Paul who turned the world upside down for the Lord Jesus Christ.

I would have never believed that the heavenly encounters of these men could be mine to experience until I encountered the baptism of fire myself.

In 2004, I had a powerful encounter with the fire of God while attending a course at a Chinese Seminary in California. I received the baptism of fire without hands being laid on me. The fire of God surged through my entire body like a powerful voltage of electricity, lasting for a few minutes. During that encounter, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me in power (1 Samuel 16:13, Acts 1:8) and the glory of the Lord rested upon me. Through this encounter, I was not only transformed from being a worldly man into a man who loves and fears the Lord, I also offered myself as a vessel totally surrendered to the Lord for His will and glory.

From that eventful day onward, the Lord bestowed upon me a very powerful warfare anointing with a mission to impart this gift to the Body of Christ....

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We give all glory to our Lord. Peace to all of you who are in Christ.

Arsenal of Fire Global

April 28, 2019

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1 進入火的洗礼的超自然旅程


在出埃及记三章2节的记载中我们读到,神从荆 棘里火焰中向摩西显现。 这把从神来的火烧着了荆棘,也烧着了摩西,神交给他一项重任:把以色列人从埃及人手下拯救出来。

在以赛亚书六章67节,我们读到神的使者以火 剪夹着红炭碰触以赛亚的唇,此后,他的预言事奉不再一样了。

在使徒行传二章3节,我们读到有舌头如火焰显现出来,分开落在聚集于马可楼上的一百二十位门徒头上。 教会从此诞生,带着圣灵的火所赋予的大能不断拓展。

在使徒行传九章3节,我们读到大数人扫罗在往大马士革的 路上,忽然有一道光从天上下来,四面照射着他。 那光就是神的火的一种形式。 從此他徹底变了一個人,成了為主耶穌基督翻转世界的使徒保罗。


2004年我有一次与神大能的相遇,神的火临到我,那时我在 加州的一所华人神学院上一门课,神的火降下来穿透我全身,就像强大的电流一样,持续了好几分钟。 在那次的经历中,圣灵的 大能临到我(撒母耳记上十六章13;使徒行传一章8节),神 的荣耀停留在我身上。 那次与神面對面,不但使我从一個世俗的人改变成一個爱神、敬畏神的人,也使我愿意將自己献上作神手中的器皿,完全归神使用,荣耀祂的名。







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