Sunday, April 7, 2019

Fire Impartation through Cyberspace 【通过网络空间进行火焰的分赐】

We are greatly encouraged by this morning’s successful Fire Impartation through ‘Live’ video to Holy Spirit Ministries in Auckland, New Zealand; a Church with an awesome healing & deliverance ministry founded by Apostle Leon Kang. We connected through Facebook where his profile shows that he has 5000 friends and 800 followers. 

In 2017, Dr David Wong, President of Harvest Seminary (丰收神学院) in San Jose gave me the word that God would open the door for our Fire Ministries to New Zealand and Africa. His prophetic word came to pass very quickly when we were invited to speak in ChristChurch and Wellington in Sept 2018. 

God works in amazing ways. He led John Tan, a retired architect from Auckland to Wellington to attend our meetings last September. John, who has been in the ministry for 40 years, was ‘zapped’ by the fire of God, for His purpose to plant AOF Ministries in Auckland. It was through Ps John Tan that Apostle Leon Kang contacted me to impart the fire to him. 

The Fire Impartation this morning was mighty and awesome. We thank God that it is going to open more doors for this unique Fire Impartation vide cyberspace to reach out and bless more nations rapidly, without us having to travel there as per the word given to me by Nancy Coen. 

Leon shared this testimony:-
Hi Bro K P Ang, 

Thank you so much for your time and powerful baptism of fire of the impartation into our Holy Spirit Ministries. I myself fell a few times under the power of God. Since I left the church about 6 hours now the fire of God is still upon me and inside of me more and more. I’m not sure if I’m able to sleep tonight because of the fire of God. Many church members might be experiencing the same right now. Thank you Jesus for all You have done for us through Bro Paul Ang. Bro Paul you are a very powerful man of God. 

May God continue to use you mightily all over the world. Glory to God. 

Apostle Leon Kang 
Holy Spirit Ministries 
Auckland New Zealand

To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen!

Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Global

April 7, 2019

为着今天早上成功地通过“现场”视频向新西兰奥克兰的 Holy Spirit Ministries 分赐火焰,我们深受鼓舞。使徒 Leon Kang 创立的教会有一个非常棒的医治释放事工。我们通过脸书连接,他的脸书有5000个朋友以及800个追随者。


上帝行事的方法非常的奇妙。他带领 John Tan,一位退休建筑师,从奥克兰到惠灵顿参加我们去年9月的聚会。John 在主的事工已经服事了40年,他被上帝的火焰焚烧,因为神要使用 John 在奥克兰设立环球烈火军火库事工。使徒 Leon Kang 透过 John Tan 牧师,联系我要我将火分赐给他。

今天早上火焰的分赐非常的威武强大。我们感谢上帝这将通过网络空间为我们打开一个独特火焰的分赐的大门。我们不必到那些国家也能快速地接触并祝福那里的人。这应证了 Nancy Coen 给我的话语。

Leon 分享了这个见证: - 



非常感谢你抽出你的时间,并向我们 Holy Spirit Ministries 分赐这强大火焰的洗礼。我好几次被神的大能击倒。甚至在我离开教堂6个小时后,上帝的火仍然在我身上,并且在我里面燃烧得越来越强。我不确定今晚是否能够入睡。我许多的教会成员现在有可能也正在经历同样的事情。感谢耶稣通过 Paul Ang 弟兄为我们所做的一切。Paul Ang 弟兄你是上帝一个非常有能力的仆人。愿上帝继续在世界各地大大的使用你。荣耀归于上帝。

使徒 Leon Kang
Holy Spirit Ministries



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