Sunday, October 1, 2017

Testimony and Word from the Lord - Rev Joyce Choo 见证和从神而来的话语 - 朱细娇牧师

The fire of God surged through Rev Joyce Choo 朱细娇牧师 at our Arsenal of Fire Ministries at CKRM Singapore on September 30. She shared her testimony and delivered a word from the Lord while she was trembling under heavy anointing (Jeremiah 23:9, Acts 16:29). She also shared how her ministry has become more powerful and effective after receiving fire impartation and Lion of Judah’s anointing at CKRM Singapore.

Ps Paul K P Ang
Arsenal of Fire Ministries,
California, USA

October 1, 2017

见证和从神而来的话语 - 朱细娇牧师

9月30日,在新加坡基督国度教会(CKRM)的烈火军火库事工聚会里,神的烈火在朱细娇牧师里面猛烧起来。她在沉重的恩膏下颤抖(耶利米书 23:9,使徒行传 16:29),分享她的见证以及从神而来的话语。她也提到自从在新加坡基督国度教会领受了烈火的分赐和犹大狮子的恩膏以后,她的事工如何变得更有能力和功效。



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