Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Jessie Ong’s Testimony

我是Jessie  ong 我要与大家分享见证。感谢神的恩典,这是我第三次来到CKRM. 当我一进门时就看到了桌上有买书,列火军火库,The Arsenal of fire .我想也没想就买了中英两本,当敬拜赞美时,突然圣灵充满觉得全身发热,烧得利害,汗流夾背。我当时不明白为什么,后来Paul 牧师的证道与呼召时,我又再次的被圣灵充满,得医冶。当我回到家阅读烈火军火库时,书上提到有负责书本销售的同工,手持着这本书,也在神的大能下颤抖不停,有一位购买者一拿到书,就倒在地上。哈利路亚,荣耀归给主,让我经历了圣灵的火.

I am Jessie Ong. I would like to share my testimony with all of you. Thank God for His grace, this is my third visit to CKRM Singapore.  The moment I stepped in and saw ‘The Arsenal of Fire’ book was on sale at the reception counter, I bought both english and chinese version, one copy each immediately without hesitation.

During praise and worship, suddenly I was filled with Holy Spirit and I felt heat all over my body. It was extremely hot and I perspired profusely. At that moment, I did not understand all that were taking place. Thereafter, during Rev Paul's sharing and ministering, I was filled with Holy Spirit once again and i received my healing!

Upon my return home, while reading The Arsenal of Fire book, it was mentioned in the book a co-worker who was in charge of the sales of the book trembled under the power of God when she held the book. Also, a purchaser fell to the floor when she took delivery of the book.

Hallelujah! Glory to the Lord for allowing me to experience the Fire of Holy Spirit!

Jessie Ong
October 10, 2017

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