Saturday, October 30, 2021

Testimony - Evangelistic Works by Ps Thomas Prathyash


In 2019, Ps Thomas Prathyash came to visit me, shared with me that the Lord repeatedly told him to visit me. 

Here is his sharing vide the link:-


On his obedience to visit me, the Lord blessed him with the fire of God zapping through him to lift him up to a higher level of his evangelistic work.


Hear a testimony of his evangelistic works:-


“Hello Sir, this is amazing. After I left your place, got into a taxi, I began to speak boldly to the taxi driver of other faith. I spoke about Jesus and spoke about his life as what God had revealed to me. The message spoke to him and he cried and received Jesus as his Saviour. This is amazing as I was completely filled with fire. Awesome Holy Spirit. I can feel the fire in my whole body now. I believe this is a divine connection and supernatural confirmation.”


On his 2nd visit, he shared that he perceived in his spirit that he had to come under our AOF Global’s spiritual covering.


A brief introduction of Thomas Prathyash:-


He is a 3rd generation Christian and has planted Churches and ministries in UAE, Middle East, several parts of India and Florida. His father is also a pastor in India. 


His sharp gift in the prophetic and powerful healing draw multitudes to his meetings. He organises revival crusades which connects him to high places and authorities. Having ministered in 25 countries especially in the Middle East, he humbly shared with me that he hardly contacts any new acquaintances in Facebook but God repeatedly told him to connect with me. Thus, he came and received fire impartation, which was the purpose of his visit and to share a message from the Lord for our ministries. 


To God be the honour, power and glory!


Hear one of his evangelistic messages vide the link:-


God bless!


Dr Paul K P Ang

Arsenal of Fire Ministries, California

AOF Global Limited 


October 30, 2021




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