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Word for RFM & RFN by Rev Terence Jedidiah on Oct 4, 2021

Word of the Lord for Revival Fire Movements, (RFM Malaysia) and Revival Fire Network (RFM Singapore)


It was in 2014 that I went to Singapore to meet with the prophet James Goll from the US who was ministering in a prayer conference there. James gave a prophecy about Singapore and Malaysia as a sword, and when I seek the Lord further about that prophecy I was given a vivid vision of a very dynamic flaming sword, a revival fire sword, so to say. The hilt of the sword was rooted in Singapore and its fiery double-edged blade rested upon Peninsula Malaysia. Now the sword is dynamic and alive, it is able to manoeuvre to the left and right and stretches its blades to the far north, reaching all the nations within its scope – Indonesia – India – Africa on the left and Europe, Russia and even China on the north and Borneo – Philippines - Japan and even Australia to the right.


This flaming sword has a sharp tip which is a piercing point which pierce the spiritual atmosphere and penetrate even the deepest darkness and it has a word written on it, Kingdom Intercession. The double edge blade are cutting edge and it has a word written on one side, Kingdom Expansion and another word on the other side, Kingdom Empowerment. This flaming sword is going to cut down strongholds, cut off bondages through healings and deliverance and empower God’s people by the impartation of glory fire. So it is a cutting edge sword of intercession, expansion (evangelism) and empowerment (fire impartation).


Now the hilt of the sword, the handle, is rooted in Singapore because Singapore is commissioned by the Lord to manoeuvre, mobilise and strategise this flaming sword. Singapore has been a faithful resource center and a church planting nation which has planted churches in Indonesia, Papua, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, and even Malaysia hence the Lord chose Singapore to be the base where the sword rest.

Singapore and Malaysia are brothers who share the same commonwealth, you are one though you were separated in 1965 into two different political entities and since Singapore has a spiritual covenant with Israel, Malaysia is able to partake of the blessings of that covenant. There is a covenant between Singapore and Malaysian Christians.


*Word for RFM* – RFM is a main material of that flaming sword, you have excel in evangelism which is expansion but now God wants you to fully establish what you have expanded. Growth is coming but do not make numbers your focus for it is the Lord who gives the increase. David took a census and start to glorify numbers and growth and a plague came. Be faithful in the handful of seeds and the Lord will grow the plantation of the vineyard. Many are joining RFM out of hype and popularity but not many are true revivalist, and few are catalysts.


Dato Chua Jui Meng has been given a mantle/robe with a word written on it, Apostolic Father. He holds a loud speaker to herald the kingdom and a bag of goodies given to him to distribute to many. There are 5 pillars in the Kingdom, *the King* (you cannot separate the king from the kingdom and you cannot have the kingdom without the king), *the government* (divine authority and limitless power), *the culture* (culture of honor and glory), *the language* (language of love and life) *the commission* (kingdom expansion and establishment). RFM has excel in the latter but now you will excel in the rest.


*Word for RFN* – There will be five main ministries which is going to become the core of RFN though there will more than ten who will join as growth is coming. You are called to *manoeuvre * (organise and strategize), and to *mobilize* ( global and logistic prayer chain, and be a resource center). Your love for the nations has made you the base (Antioch) for nations.


Ps Terence Jedidiah gave prophecies to Elder Wee & Ps Paul K P Ang during the evaluation meeting today. 


For Elder Wee Tiong Howe (Chairman of RFN Singapore)


Brother Wee Tiong Howe, you are a bulldozer who plough the land and water the ground and you are a persistent minister who doesn’t give up until you accomplish the task. You are called to plough and uproot the thick dark forest of demonic trees and to plant the tress of righteousness and because of your love for the nations God has given you a mandate to transform nations through revival. You are a glory gatherer who will rally the people to prepare the field and reap the harvest.


For Ps Paul K P Ang (Trustee of RFM Malaysia & Founding members of RFN Singapore)


Dear brother, as I was praying, the Lord added the prophecy I gave you earlier, Arsenal of Fire is becoming a great chamber of fire, I see an increase of the fire in healings, deliverance and fire baptism in your ministry, perhaps you have been thinking of slowing the pace but I believe you are being refire for more increase and a greater tenacity. What you toiled in the past seasons are going to bear much fruits in this season, I also see you building up the next generation to be fire starters

Rev Terence Jedidiah

Asia Revival Centre,

Penang, Malaysia


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