Thursday, November 4, 2021

Testimony by Deborah Christine Chia

Recently, I was suffering from a blocked nose and heavy breathing. I have been on my 2nd dosage of medication. 


Yesterday afternoon, a sister forwarded to me the interview of Rev. Dr. Paul K. P. Ang by Ruth Saw, on how to receive God’s fire and walk in it. The interview ended with an impartation of the fire of God. You can watch the interview on the link.....


In the evening, I logged  onto the video to listen to the interview and received the  fire impartation after the interview. The Holy Spirit fell on me and both my hands were shaking. Soon after I burst into speaking in the Spirit. The very next day my breathing problem had improved much. I knew the fire anointing of God has brought on me the healing. 


There’s something else so amazing that I must share too. Yesterday afternoon as I was at my laptop checking on some information. Again  I had a blocked nose problem and was breathing heavily. I shut down my computer and took out the book "Arsenal of Fire" to read. As I started to read the book, suddenly my nose was beginning to clear and I could breathe properly. Hallelujah!


November 4, 2021


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