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Fire Starters School - Students’ Testimonies

Eric, who attended our School of Fire Starters in February 2019, commented about his experience at the school :-

The 7 days’ lessons were priceless. Only the highest diamond vessel could host God’s manifest presence so mightily and deliver spiritual lessons with such a great demonstration of God’s power. I believe him to second to none, especially for impartation to the warriors. I have listened to hundreds of international speakers, as my America pastor, Ps Rick Seaward was well-connected in the world arena, often bringing guest speakers of the highest international standing, yet I have never experienced spiritual impartation at this level.”

Attending several anointed conferences:-

In 1994, our church invited Rodney Howard Brown Ministries and we were turned upside down for a good purpose. Those pastors who were rather stern, were all brought to a state we had never seen before. They were either on fire or laughing for days and weeks, filled with the joy and anointing of the Lord. It was a very refreshing time. Prov 17:22, tells us, “ A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bone.” I was hit by the laughter too, as in the Joy of the Lord. 

I have sat under Morris Cerullo, Roy Duman, Rodney Howard Brown, Dr Cho Yonggi, Lester Sumrall, Jim Baker, John Bevere and etc. The healing ministries were glorious demonstrations of God’s awesome presence n authority. 

Pastor Paul K P Ang and Ps Esther Yap’s calling are unique, a supreme class of its own. To be able to host God’s Manifest Presence consistently and grow from glory to glory speaks volumes of their lives in the presence of God.

Bro Eric


A glimpse into our School of Fire Starters

Here’s the links for some testimonies from the students:-

Missionary/Seer Jenny Chen from Los Angeles

Prophet Peter Daruisz from Poland

Rev Pauling Lee from Los Angeles

David Ho from Singapore

What is the manifest presence of God’s glory?

Being a well connected leader in Taiwan and having attended many conferences, Ps Daniel Issachar shared his view in Mandarin (with English subtitle) vide the link below after having an awesome experience with the manifest presence of God’s glory in our meetings in Taiwan in 2019.


To God be the power and glory for ever and ever. Amen!


Arsenal of Fire Global


March 14, 2021




The ebook ‘The Arsenal of Fire’ and 烈火 is available vide the link below:-


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