Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Unity in the Body of Christ

A pastor wrote to me whether I would be able to write something strong against Joseph Prince’s false teachings and denounce Joseph Prince as a false prophet, a wolf in sheepskin, and that 13 ministers and 22 lay persons have written for him.


Responding to his sincere request, I emailed him as follows:-


Thanks for asking me to comment on your views on the teachings of JP.


I've given much thought to the request, prayed and sought advice from my council members on the matter. 


After much considerations, I've decided not to comment openly for the following reasons:


a) no ministry is perfect and even main line denominations have differences in doctrine and theological emphasis. Despite the differences, still many churches of different Theological persuasions are still able to coexist peacefully or even cooperate as we have much more in common than differences. 


b) I believe JP is called to minister to those who are oppressed by legalistic religious compliance instead of relying on the grace of God. His ministry has brought salvation and healing to many. He is preaching Jesus as the only way to salvation and that is most important. Some of NCC members do attend my ministry and I welcome them to experience the fire of God without questioning their Christian doctrine. I also believe you have a unique calling too. Of course we must have a balance of spiritual emphasis between faith and work to avoid being extreme and that's where we need godly wisdom and humility. 


c) I believe in amicable dialogue if there are differences as taught in Matthew 18.


d) I believe strongly in the unity of the body of Christ especially in Singapore. Without unity, there will be no Revival. Unity is a receptacle to hold the anointing oil of God to be poured as in Psalm 133. 


Rev, I understand your stand with regard to JP's teachings and you may have a calling to warn others of falling for the 'soft' option in our journey of faith. One of the surest way to guard against deception in these last days is to build our faith foundation on the sound teaching of the word of God without being personal. Our enemies are not flesh and blood. You are a good teacher of the word and I am sure that your ministry will benefit many without being distracted. 


I hope my sincere sharing helps you to understand my position. 


God bless


Rev Paul K P Ang

October 20, 2020

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