Sunday, July 19, 2020

Manifestations of the Spirit

A Church Elder posted a testimony in AOF Australian ZOOM WhatsApp, responding to a testimony posted by a medical doctor and author. Praise God that AOF Australia weekly Zoom ministry has blessed many beyond borders as God does amazing works as in the spiritual realm, there is no lockdown. May this testimony encourage all of you! 

The Church Elder testified ...

“Dr Tim, Praise God for His manifested glory in your ministry. This acceleration has just begun and will further explode! Trust that the momentum will be awesome. Likewise, after Rev Ang did the fire impartation on me, and while participating in Ps Jannie's AOF Australia ZOOM room, I realized BOLDNESS & AUTHORITY have greatly manifested in my ministry. We are walking into Glory Realm to magnify Jesus.  Amen.”

God is doing greater works in these last days taking us in the glory realm where He does the works while we rest in Him (Mathew 11:28-30). Greater works come with greater physical weird manifestation when our human spirits react or manifest after being burned by the Holy Spirit’s fire to empower, expand and free our human spirit entrapped in our sinful physical body weighted down by the earth gravity.

A decade ago, a highly anointed lady who had attended Toronto Blessings and a co-worker at Lakeland revival meeting argued with me about her disagreement to a certain manifestation of the Spirit.  As she was arguing about her disagreement, the Holy Spirit came upon her and she manifested in the gift that she was strongly opposing. In the meeting, His manifest presence was so tangible so God Himself gave her the encounter. 

Apple Computer Inc periodically creates new softwares to be downloaded to the iPhones added with new features or launch the latest iPhone. In spiritual things corresponding to our spiritual growth, we too, need to keep up with the times for our God is a god of life and life is doing something new.

However, we don't measure encounter by outward physical manifestation. We measure it by a changed lifestyle.

Share this link about the manifestations by John Arnott:-

A man of God wrote:- “In some Christian circles, the Good News of miracles and transformed lives does not bring excitement; it brings warning. God has been absent so long that when something powerful happens, they think it is the devil. Thus, any of us who see a miracle and declare the Good News to others often receive a pile of warnings in return about the possibility of false signs and wonders. That is a legitimate concern, as the Bible warns against them, too. But we need to remember that there has to be something real to counterfeit, as the devil is not a creator. He has no creative ability whatsoever. Instead, he is a distorter of what already exists. The very fact that the Bible warns against false signs and wonders and false prophets implies there are real ones to compare them to.”

To God be the power and glory for ever and ever. Amen!

God bless you

Paul K P Ang 洪 光 炳
Ordained Minister (California)
Arsenal of Fire Global

July 19, 2020


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