Thursday, July 9, 2020

AOF Australia Deliverance Via Cyberspace ‘Online’

Testimony from Ps Lawrence Lim:-

Thank you Yahweh Daddy, the Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit for the memorable Holy Spirit deliverance yesterday. By the grace of God, Ps Jannie ordained by Ps Paul,  has the glory and revelation for deliverance especially for hungry Christians, desiring to move closely with God into the glory realm.

The manifestations came, just 5 minutes after she started praying and as led by the Holy Spirit, all the essential past sins and events causing spiritual blockages were revealed and dealt with, speedily  and thoroughly. 

What stands out significantly as different from normal deliverance is the opening of doors for moving into the glory realm. For example, Ps Jannie led me to dedicate my mouth besides other parts so that God can use this son of God to speak things into existence during ministry, as seen in Ps Paul. Of course, she earlier took time to cleanse all defilement through wrong uses of the mouth, be it sexual or otherwise. There were other appropriate unique things as well. 

All these took a short 8 hours only but it left me feeling like a new servant in Christ but very tired, of course. Now, with a greater reality of the presence, power and glory of Yahweh Daddy, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, I am very thankful to God for Ps Jannie who with motherly love and thoroughness sacrificed her day for me. 

The new normal in the world is bringing in a new shaking, the Bubonic plague in China. Let's pray that God's children are readily equipped to bring in the harvest with signs and wonders.

Ps Lawrence Lim
July 8, 2020


Ps Lawrence Lim holds a degree from National University of Singapore and also a Master from the Bethany School of Missions. He is also the Principal of ISOM School of Ministry in Thailand. In 2017, he organised a Fire Revival Conference for AOF Ministries in Bangkok and Chiang Mai and witnessed the awesome works of God. 

He shared a testimony vide the link:-

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