Thursday, June 25, 2020

Walking in the Glory Realm

A man of God wrote:- “In some Christian circles, the Good News of miracles and transformed lives does not bring excitement; it brings warning. God has been absent so long that when something powerful happens, they think it is the devil.”

People fear what they do not understand or have encountered themselves especially the emotion and sensation when the fire or power of God surges through their physical body. We don't measure encounter by outward physical manifestation. We measure it by a changed lifestyle and by the fruit of the ministry.

A decade ago, an anointed lady argued with me about her disagreement to a certain manifestation of the Spirit.  As she was arguing about her disagreement, the Holy Spirit came upon her and she manifested in the gift that she was strongly opposing. Argument ended.

Dr Larry Ollison wrote:- “Flashing lights, smoke machines, and 125 decibel music can get people excited for the moment, but only a manifestation of the glory of God and a move of the Holy Spirit will change people permanently. In any revival meeting, we cannot limit God or His glory. His glory may appear like a light, like smoke, like fire, or like tongues of fire. The glory is the manifested presence of God. We must seek God and not the manifestation, but if we seek God, there will be manifestation and it will be God's decision in how He manifests Himself.”

God releases His roar from the belly of His people today. These manifestations happen because there is an impartation of the anointing. In many occasions, power will go out from the minister to empower, release, heal or stir up spiritual gifts in others. This is similar to Jesus’ experience when He said “someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me” (Luke 8:46).

Our God is a supernatural God. So it is not surprising that whenever He touches us, there is a supernatural reaction from our spirit. As a Church, it is our responsibility to observe, test, discern and verify whether these reactions or manifestations are truly from God. Certainly the acid tests are the Scriptures, verifiable universal experiences and the fruit of the ministry as the final test.

We are living in the most exciting times where God is pouring out a greater glory upon all flesh. To accomplish His purpose, He is looking for empty earthly vessels to fill and carry His fire and glory putting His manifest presence on display to impact the world.

In my book “The Arsenal of Fire,” I shared insights on how to host the manifest presence of God, and how to walk in the glory realm. The difference between the anointing and the glory is that God shows up and does all the work. In an anointing, you lay hands on people. In the glory, no man gets the glory except God ... ‘All your works shall glorify you, O Lord.’

To God be the power and glory for ever and ever. Amen!

God bless you!

Paul K P Ang 洪 光 炳
Arsenal of Fire Global

June 25, 2020


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