Sunday, June 14, 2020

AOF Australia’s Ministries - Ps Jennie Seet’s Testimony

My name is Pastor Jennie Seet. This evening at 9:11 pm I decided to text to Pastor Jannie to pray for my breakthrough. Immediately I received a reply from her. She called to pray for my full deliverance. 

As pastors, no one has ever asked us whether we have been prayed for full deliverance. I said no. I shared my struggles of my weakness & sins and was willing to confess & repent since she is so far away and doesn’t know me at all. 

When Ps Jannie Wee talked to me, I already felt current running through my neck shoulders hands and fingers. When she started praying, I focused on heaven struggling to put my hands high up due to the weight of His glory; after sometime, I saw heaven break into a thin line and an emerging pairs of wings of fire diving towards me... as it comes nearer, I thought to myself why a huge bird in orange and red with hook nose coming towards me, the next thing I knew my lips and my tongues burst into a new tongue which I have never heard before in my 28 years of Christian life. 

It kept going bursting for some time, next my eyes were fluttering with lights. There were electric current all over my body. When it was all over; I told Pastor Jannie I saw a bird-like an eagle with huge orange and red wings diving into me. 

Ps Jannie confirmed it was a seraphim fire; which I have never heard before. Next, she prayed for me to receive the joy of the Lord and I kept laughing unstoppable until I couldn’t even say “thank you” to her. 

I just kept laughing and giggling unstoppable.

I thank you, Lord Jesus for the supernatural encounter which I have received tonight from the Holy Spirit through the prayers of Pastor Jannie of AOF Australia through the phone.

I’m deeply thankful for the full deliverance and the supernatural encounter of the seraphim fire 🔥which I learned tonight after 20 plus years of ministry. 

Ps Jennie Seet,


God is purifying His Church through the fire of the Seraphim as our Lord Jesus is returning for His unblemished bride soon. Share more insights about the flame of the Seraphim vide the link...

June 13, 2020

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