Monday, June 8, 2020

The Birth of AOF Ministries Australia 2018

Ps Jannie Wee, a powerful healing & deliverance minister had a strong prompting to be under my mentorship and AOF Global spiritual covering. It was mind blowing as we spoke on the phone of how God would confirm it with sign if this was His will. I told her on the phone to lift up her right hand to the Lord, and await His sign to confirm. Instantly the fire came upon her so I prayed a covering over her, went to Sydney, ordained her as a pastor, and commissioned her and her co-workers in 2018. She was then with Hillsong Church. 

I gave her a word from the Lord that God would use her to spread the revival fire in Australia and reaching out to nations. Praise God that her weekly Friday ZOOM Fire Impartation bears many awesome testimonies of impartation of fire and spiritual gifts, and healings etc.

To encourage others of God’s rapid works in the last days, Ps Jannie shared a testimony of how she brought Samuel Tan to Christ and baptised him with the Holy Spirit. In a similar way like Ps Jannie, the fire surged through Ps Samuel Tan instantly, a sign accompanied as a confirmation to put him under the covering of our fire ministries - AOF Global.

God uses Ps Samuel Tan powerfully in the salvation of souls through power evangelism reaching out to several nations. 


“In 2008, when Jimmy Tan (Ps Samuel Tan) a staunch Buddhist travelling from countries to countries to share about Buddhism, approached me to buy over my business, Health Paradise Sdn Bhd, the verse in Genesis 25:33 of Esau giving his birth right to Jacob for a bowl of stew came to my mind.  

I told him that he has to first accept my Lord Jesus Christ before discussing further and he replied that he is willing to accept Lord Jesus into his life. 

I then sought the Lord for a confirmation whether to pass on Health Paradise to him and at the same time I led him to pray the Salvation Prayer. Simultaneously, I prayed for him to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts. 

Instantly, he received the gift of tongues and began speaking in tongues. I obeyed the Lord and sold Health Paradise Sdn Bhd to him. 

Both of us were previously from Buddhist background, but after our supernatural encounter with the Lord through the Holy Spirit, we are now on fire πŸ”₯ and serving the Lord to advance His Kingdom. Hallelujah! All glory to God.”

Ps Jannie Wee

God bless you!

To Him be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Paul K P Ang ζ΄ͺ ε…‰ η‚³
Arsenal of Fire Ministries, California 
Arsenal of Fire Global

June 8, 2020


The ebook ‘The Arsenal of Fire’ and ηƒˆη«ε†›η«εΊ“ is available vide the link below:-

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