Thursday, January 31, 2019

Name of our new Bible School - School of Fire Starters 【我们新圣经学校的名字 - 烈火启动训练学校】

“Fire Starters" was the name bestowed upon our new Bible School through the word given through His messenger to us and through a prophetic utterance by Nancy Coen.

Though the name may sound unusual, radical and provocative to some religious leaders and Christians, it reflects a ministry with God’s given authority to impart His fire to transform lives. It was like how the light (fire) that flashed upon a great sinner Saul on his way to Damascus (Acts 9:3) that instantly transformed him to Paul, the Apostle. This was also manifested when Prophet Elijah challenged the 450 false prophets at Mount Carmel which brought the nation of Israel back to God (Kings 18:22-39). 

This is the season for us not only to preach the Word but to do it with the demonstration of the Spirit and of God’s power in (1 Corinthians 2:4-5).

Here’s is a glimpse of our 1st School of Firestarters with testimonies of His awesome works. All glory to God!

Arsenal of Fire Global

February 26, 2019

"烈火启动"是神通过祂的使者和Nancy Coen的预言所给我们的圣经学校名字。

虽然这个名字对一些宗教领袖和基督徒听起来非一般,激进和带有挑衅,但它反映了一个持有神赋予de权柄的事工,去分赐神的火,以翻转生命。这就像在去大马士革的路上,天上的光(火)照着一位大罪人扫罗( 使徒行传九3),立刻把他变成了使徒保罗。同样的,当先知以利亚在迦密山上挑战四百五十位假先知时,耶和华降下火来,结果将以色列民族的心回转向神(列王记上十八22-39)。





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