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Fruits of Arsenal of Fire Ministries, USA 【美国烈火军火库事工的果子】

When I first started reading "Arsenal of Fire" I could feel a tangible anointing on this book. As I turned the pages the presence of God rushed in like a wave, with every chapter I was being transformed more and more into His image. The fire of God was burning away Every fear that I held onto as truth for my life. I was not only finding my voice, but stepping out in more boldness. I am a work in progress however I am starting to really know the depth of my identity in Christ! I am His servant but I am also His warrior that has been fully equipped to fight my spiritual battles. Before I finished reading the last page I could feel God's authority rising up inside of me like the roaring Lion of Judah! I am so thankful and blessed by Rev. Paul sharing his walk with Jesus and the revelation he discovered through his own sacrifice and obedience. - Tiffany W.
Julie, thank you for hosting the meeting. I loved meeting your husband & am so honored to know your father and receive through him what GOD has! I was so moved by how fast the lady there got free when Paul came over and ministered to her! SHE BECAME FREE! I am still moved to tears when I recall the picture before Paul and after Paul!
I would like to share with you that I have been asking GOD for over three years for "ONE STEP" to minister to people & bring freedom to their souls! We have 12 steps, 3 steps & counseling...BUT JESUS had one step!!
I believe that your father Paul is the closest person I have seen in action with POWER to bring freedom ! I do not know yet what my part is to move in that power but I am seeking HIM about it! People are in such need... MERCY is my gift and it needs power. I share all of this so you can understand why I was so grateful for you having the meeting.
I do hope I have the pleasure of seeing you and your delightful son & husband again. - Sherri

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Arsenal of Fire Global

January 28, 2019


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当我第一次开始阅读《烈火军火库》时,我能感觉到这本书的一股有形的恩膏。当我翻开页面时,上帝的同在像波浪一样涌进来,每一章我都越来越被改变成祂的形象。上帝的火焰正在燃烧我在生命中所坚持作为真理的每一个恐惧。我不仅找到了我的声音,而且更加大胆地走出来。我是一个正在进行的工作,但我开始真正知道我在基督里的身份的深度!我是祂的仆人,但我也是祂的已经完全装备好的战士,为我的灵命争战。在我读完最后一页之前,我能感觉到上帝的权柄像吼叫的犹大狮子一样在我内心升起!保罗牧师分享他与耶稣的经历,还有通过他生命的奉献和顺服,让我如此的感恩和蒙福。- 蒂芙尼姐妹Tifanny W.


我想与大家分享,我已经求上帝三年多了,我祈求上帝要如何能在"一步之内"就能够服事到别人 使他们的灵魂得自由!我们有12个步骤,3个步骤和辅导...但耶稣只有一步!!
我真希望我能再次见到你和你可爱的儿子和丈夫。- Sherri姐妹








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