Saturday, April 30, 2022

Every Believer has a Unique Calling (1 Corinthians 12:12)

“What was meant to be an 'Asian Revival Convergence' has almost become an "Asian Suicidal Divergence!”

What must we do now?

We have five big groupings: Asian Revival Centre, Revival Fire Movement, Revival Fire Network, Arsenal of Fire Global and Elijah Challenge.... all on fire for the LORD and the Kingdom of God, yet at odds over some matters, after the convergence in Penang.

Are we surprised? No!! All powerful groupings need to understand each others' strengths and weaknesses.

Each one is right or correct in some aspects but each too have their "flaws".

This is similar to each new denomination from Catholic to Anglican, from Lutheran to Methodist to Baptist to Pentecostal, with divisions and conflicts along the way, till each grew and branched out.

So, ARC is great with Ps Terence leadership.

RFM is growing strong under Dato' Chua's leadership.

RFN influence too under Apostle Wee and Dr Daniel and Ps Pauline.

Elijah Challenge expansion is phenomenal under the trio of Dr Henry, Brothers Robert & Rick, supported by Ps Albert Kang and Founder William Lau.

Finally, we have Dr Paul Ang's 17 year old Fire Starters ministry, which is Global with USA, NZ, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand chapters.

Whatever happened in Penang can be interpreted or misinterpreted. 

However, all five ministries are from God and evident certainly from the fruits of each ministry , with the Spirit of God was at work and all bearing fruits.

It has to be incorrect to point at anyone of the ministries that it is the work of "darkness", especially when we analyse the founders and their fruit.

Clearly also, evil forces cannot manifest among all the Godly witnesses who testified, including me, Ps Frank, Ps Elisha, Ps Hepzhibah, Ps Pauline and Ps Tommy. 

We are all men and women of God and (1John 4:4 applies powerfully in us) and the devil cannot and dare not come anywhere near us.

So, let us not judge misjudge for now and we should lovingly reserve our judgments on what we may not fully understand.

Instead, let us work towards peace and unity in the Spirit, with the love of Jesus Christ, in anticipation of His Soon Coming.

Let us work to build the Kingdom of God and not be a part of any tearing down or division.

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Love in Christ

Dr Timothy Sng


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