Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Transition Begins for AOF Global 【环球烈火军火库事工的转型开始】

In the days of Moses, Egypt was shaken with plague and diseases for God to free the Israelites from their bondage. Today, many nations and people are shaken with the Covid-19 pandemic. Nations are locked down. Fear and anxieties prevail and the churches are not spared. Many church services and ministries are disrupted and services going online. Spiritually, it is a wake-up call and a time of urgent reflection on what God is doing. Is the church worship of God programmed so much like the world system that we ought to be delivered from “Egypt”? God’s ministries have to be realigned with what God is doing today. It will be no longer business as usual for the Church. Are the people of God prepared to leave their comfort zone for new assignments? Some may have to leave their sheep behind and be quarantined in His fire mountain to be cleansed, purified and receive new blue prints (tablets) from God for their new phase of ministries.

For 40 years, Moses had been looking after sheep. When he was called by God to deliver the Israelites, he obeyed and he left all his sheep behind to fulfil God’s call. Later, God led him to His fire mountain to give him a new directive. Likewise, God’s servants have to seek God at time such as this to seek fresh direction and mandate to align with God’s new season. 

God has given both the AOF ministry’s founders a pioneering ministry and for 16 years, the Lord has been training and preparing us to spread the fire across the globe. During this season, God has prompted the AOF founders to prepare themselves to remove all hinderances to move on to His new phase. The Fire of God has to move actively with urgency beyond the church wall. The ministry of fire impartation will spread with a multi-national army of fire starters commissioned through AOF ministry. Indeed, the harvest fields are ripe and the Lord of the harvest is sending His workers into His harvest field. AOF is transiting and we are preparing to move with God’s fire in this new phase – keep watch. 

Proverbs 26:20, “Without wood a fire goes out; without gossip a quarrel dies down.”

Our youth pastor shares this revelation that God gave him and I applaud his candidness and humility:-

“I used to discuss and analysed with a dear brother in the hope of finding the truth of what were happening at CKRM/AOF as the transition period was something we have not seen before in the past. One day while we were on the phone, he shared the Lord gave him a dream and the message is "avoid coffee talk". That night, I dreamt of Ps Esther telling me to "watch my mouth".

Last month, Ps Paul was sharing in one of the prayer meetings. Hearing his sharing, I kept running in and out of the toilet due to deliverance as I kept throwing up. Ps Paul then asked me, "did you gossip?" I was shocked at his response and asked, "how do you know". He replied, "was my spirit not with you while you were gossiping” (2 Kings 5:26). I know that both Ps Paul and Ps Esther are very sensitive to the Spirit of God. 

Next day, Ps Paul prayed for me during AOF ministry, fire came very strongly on me and the Lord opened up my understanding (Luke 24:45).

"When the people saw that Moses was so long in coming down from the mountain, they gathered around Aaron and said, “Come, make us gods who will go before us. As for this fellow Moses who brought us up out of Egypt, *we don’t know what has happened to him*” - Exodus 32:1 

The Lord has indeed called both co-founders up to the fire mountain in this season of rest to wait upon Him. The Israelites felt "Moses has gone for so long" so they became impatient and began to grumble. But what they didn't know was that God was unfolding to Moses His blueprint of the coming up project (the tabernacle) which would eventually involve the whole community. 

I realised the Lord is reminding me not to speak unnecessarily if I do not understand what He is doing in His ministry and church because I may have unknowingly judged the work of Holy Spirit in the ministry/church which I have no revelation about and may lead to sin against God. The Lord knows what He is doing.

I thank God for teaching me a precious lesson. May this testimony encourages you.” - Ps Andrew Tan

Arsenal of Fire Ministries, California
Arsenal of Fire Global

March 17, 2020

"I pray that this sharing will strengthen your faith and stir you to spread the Fire of God. If you have been blessed by the sharing of our blog articles and testimonies and desire to partner with us to spread this Fire, please consider sowing into this ministry through the link below. We thank you for your support and prayers. God bless you!”


在摩西时代,埃及被瘟疫和疾病所震动,因为神要把以色列人从捆绑中释放出来。 今天,许多国家和人民正面对2019冠状病毒而被震动。国家被封锁。恐惧和焦虑盛行,教会也未能幸免。许多教会主日崇拜和事工被影响,得在网上媒体进行。 在属灵上,这是一个警钟,也是对神正在做的事情进行紧急反思的时刻。 教会对神的敬拜是否像世界体系一样被编程,我们是不是应该从埃及中被释放?神的事工必须与神今天所正做的事情重新对齐。 对于教会来说,这将不应该再像往常一样。神的子民是否已经预备好离开他们的舒适区去执行新的任务吗?有些人可能不得不把羊群放下,被隔离在他的火山里,以便被洁净、净化,并领受神的新蓝图(十诫石板),进入新的服事领域。


神赐给烈火军火库事工的两位创办人一个先锋的事工,十六年来,主一直在训练和装备我们把神的火传到全球。在这个季节,神已经感动两位创办人预备好自己,要除去所有阻碍,以进入神的新阶段,新季节。在这样的一个时代,神的火焰必须紧急和不断地穿越教会的围墙限制。被烈火军火库事工差遣的来自多国的烈火启动者(火炬手)将带着使命把神的火焰分赐出去。事实上,庄稼已经熟了,庄稼的主正打发祂的工人出去收祂的庄稼。烈火军火库事工正处在一个转型的时刻,我们将预备好带着神的火焰进入这来临的新阶段 — 敬请期待。






百姓见摩西迟延不下山,就大家聚集到亚伦那里,对他说:起来,为我们做神像,可以在我们前面引路,因为领我们出埃及地的那个摩西,我们不知道他遭了什么事。” (出埃及三十二1



我感谢神给我上了宝贵的一课。愿这见证鼓励你” – 安德烈牧师



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