Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Baptism of Fire - Fire Anointing【火焰的洗礼 - 火的恩膏】

This is the season of the baptism of fire that has been prophesied by many great men of God - a new massive wave that is going to sweep through the globe to bring a swift transformation of lives because time is very short and Jesus is coming back for His beautiful Bride soon.

The prophecy on this is in the video link below starting from the 48th minute mark. Ps David Damien proclaimed that the next wave will come from Asia and especially from the Chinese to bring the gospel to all nations.

This prophecy was from a gathering in Munich in October, 2015.

By His grace, love and favour, our fire ministry is privileged to be part of His end time ministries chosen to carry this awesome end time flame to impart and equip the body of Christ to reach out to the harvest fields of the Great Commission. This Impartation of fire and spiritual gifts has empowered many servants of God to walk into their calling and greater measures to work with the Lord.

A man of God wrote in our AOF WhatsApp group after attending our School in February, 2019:-

“The 7 days’ lessons were priceless. Only the highest diamond vessel could host God’s manifest presence so mightily and deliver spiritual lessons with such a great demonstration of God’s power. I believe him to second to none, especially for impartation to the warriors. I have listened to hundreds of international speakers, as my America pastor, Ps Rick Seaward was well-connected in the world arena, often bringing guest speakers of the highest international standing, yet I have never experienced spiritual impartation at this level.”

He further shared the followings with our AOF WhatsApp group after attending a recent meeting of a well known man of God...

“In 1994, The fire anointing at Dr Rodney Howard Brown’s meeting was so intense that carried the mighty manifest presence of God in the Indoor Stadium hosted by Calvary Charismatic Centre(VFC) than compared with last night meeting at Capital Theatre. The 1994 fire swept 90 percent of the congregations off their feet on Fire.” 

However, I bear witness of the fire ministry of CKRM that it is really powerful. The fire burns deep into your very being from the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit that you will be instantly transformed and never be the same again.”

All glory to God!

Arsenal of Fire Global

March 4, 2020


以下的视频链接中从48分钟标记开始对此述说了这个预言。David Damien牧师宣告,下一波传福音的浪潮将来自亚洲,尤其是华人,将福音传给所有国家。


凭借祂的恩典,爱和恩宠,我们的烈火事工非常荣幸地成为他末日事工中的一分子,这些事工被选择携带这种令人敬畏的末日火焰来传授和装备基督的身体,伸向大使命的领域。 火和属灵恩赐赋予使许多神的仆人有能力进入他们的呼召,并且有更多的人与主同工。


7天的课程是无价的。只有最高的钻石器皿才能如此强大地接待神的彰显的同在,并通过如此伟大的神力演示来提供属灵的教导。我相信他是首屈一指的,尤其是对勇士的传授。我曾听过数百位国际演讲者,因为我的美国牧师 Rick Seaward在世界舞台上人脉相通,经常邀请具有国际最高声誉的嘉宾演讲者,但我从未在这个水平上经历过属灵传授。


“ 1994年,罗德尼霍华德布朗医生在Calvary Charismatic CentreVFC)主办的室内体育场聚会的聚会里的火焰分赐比昨晚在首都剧院举行的聚会激烈许多。1994年的火把90%的会众击倒在地。





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