Monday, March 9, 2020

Testimony - Fire Impartation set a Church Ablaze for God【见证 - 火的分赐让一间教会为主燃烧】

The Following testimony by a lead pastor summarizes what the Lord is doing through the Arsenal of Fire in a corporate meeting in His church (From the book, “The Arsenal of Fire” Page 134-135)

On March 18, 2007, Paul K P Ang and Esther Yap were invited to join us for the Sunday service by one of our church members. When they arrived, the Lord spoke to me to hand the meeting over to them so that they could minister to the congregation. I obeyed.

Paul asked us to let go of our reasoning and open our hearts to the Lord. As he invited people to come forward to receive prayers for healing, deliverance, prophecy, and impartation, they began to be filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. Some fell to the floor while others trembled, wept and laughed - all under the power of God.

A sister who could hardly stand on her feet in the front area tried to move to the back. But, as much as she tried to move, her feet were glued to the floor.

When it was my turn to receive prayer from Paul, I felt fire gushing into my body (Matthew 3:11). I could hardly contain it and my body felt like it was going to explode. It eventually lifted and I fell to the floor.

The Lord is releasing the fire of revival, activating the gifts of the Holy Spirit and equipping the saints for the work of ministry through the ministry of Paul and CKRM.

The brothers and sisters in our church have been set on fire to preach and share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. A total of 13 people were baptised into the Lord in less than two months. To God be the glory!

It was one of the greatest meetings that we as a Pentecostal and Spirit-filled church have ever had.

Pastor Isaac Jang
Full Blessing Church of Christ
Irvine, California, USA.


2007318日,保罗和以斯帖受我们其中一位教会成员的邀请参加我们的周日礼拜。他们到达时,主对我说话,将聚会交给他们,以便他们可以服侍会众。 我顺服了。







 Isaac Jang 牧师
 Full Blessing Church of Christ

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